Course Folder

Creating a Course Folder

Inside your Google Drive, create a course folder and share it (with full editing privileges) with Mrs. Juster (ejuster). Name this folder (last name, first name_SemesterYearEnglish) as indicated in the examples below (one for each semester):

Create Sub-Folders: Spring Semester

A sub-folders to your course folder. Name each one as follows (see example on right):

      • Archive_Fall2018
      • Reader's & Writer's Notebook
      • Semester Essay Tests
      • Summative #2 (Am Exp only)
      • Summative #3
      • Summative #4 (CP & Honors only)

At a later date, you will add a semester portfolio.

Organize your Reader's & Writer's Notebook

Located inside your course folder is your Reader's and Writer's Notebook. This is where you will keep a variety of folders and documents.

Be sure to clearly identify each document in your notebook. Begin each document title with the letters RWN.

Organize your Summative Assessment Folders

As you work on a summative assessment, organize your folder with sub-folders as needed to separate the final draft and rubric from all draft work.