Competency #2: Writing

Jr. English Competency-Based Education Pilot

Competency #2: Writing

As specified in course specific criteria for each semester, demonstrate the ability to employ a wide range of strategies and use different writing process elements to appropriately and effectively communicate with different audiences for a variety of purposes.


Performance task indicates learner's ability to authentically and independently:

    • continue to develop and apply knowledge of: conventions, idea development, organization, word choice, voice, tone and sentence fluency.
    • develop and strengthen writing through routinely engaging in the full writing process: responding, connecting, exploring, planning, rewriting, editing, revising, and conferencing.
    • authentically, independently, routinely and intentionally develop my vocabulary to more effectively communicate.

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Course Specific Criteria

This is described in the overview for each course:

American Experience

CP English 11

Honors English 11