Competency #1: Reading

Jr. English Competency-Based Education Pilot

Competency # 1: Reading

Demonstrate the ability to comprehend, analyze and critique increasingly complex literature in a wide range of formats (print, non-print and digital) and multiple genres (fiction, nonfiction, prose, poetry, and drama) to build an understanding of the many dimensions (e.g., philosophical, ethical, aesthetic) of human experience.*As specified in course specific criteria for each semester.


    • I can authentically and independently read and comprehend increasingly complex texts across multiple genres and formats.
    • I can authentically and independently determine explicit and implicit meanings of literary texts.
    • I can authentically and independently cite and place in context passages from texts to support conclusions.
    • I can create an authentic, independent analysis and critique of literary texts.

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Course Specific Criteria

This is described in the overview for each course:

American Experience

CP English 11

Honors English 11