Jr. English Competency-Based Education Pilot

Why are we piloting a competency-based education model?

In "New Hampshire High School Transformation" the NH Department of Education states that:

New Hampshire is deeply engaged in a vision for high school redesign that encompasses the creation of learning communities in which every participant is actively involved in the process of learning. New Hampshire’s goal is that each student will receive a rigorous and personalized education. Every student deserves a course of study that allows him or her to learn in a deep, meaningful and practical way. Not only do students need to know facts, they need to know how to apply those facts to new situations, how to solve problems, and how to expand their knowledge and opportunities. All students deserve a rigorous secondary education that prepares them for post-secondary education and meaningful careers. (“New Hampshire High School Transformation”)

When competencies were first introduced in New Hampshire several years ago, educators in each high school developed competencies for their courses. Over the years, educators and schools throughout the Granite State have continued to build upon these early efforts, moving from assignments identified as competencies towards a new vision for learning - a competency-based education model.

Through this pilot program, we have the opportunity to move from theory to practice as we collaborate with all learners to refine our understanding of competencies and align our work with best practice methods and standards.


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