American Experience

Weekly Syllabus

September 8, 2020 to September 11, 2020

Fall Semester 2020-2021

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This week, we’ll focus on:

Mise en Place: Tools for the Semester

      • Hard Copy Tools: Literature textbook and novel distribution.
      • Digital Tools: Google Classroom, Turn-It-In , Membean , course folders & semester portfolios

Learning about the Goals and Purpose of a Competency-Based Education

Academic Discourse

“Bucket-List Introductions” - create Google Doc and attach it to Google Classroom assignment.

Writing Workshop

Explore, discover and begin your multimedia journal. In your first entry, you will create personal goals for the academic year (see Google Classroom).

Reading Workshop


Need some 1:1 help? Reach out via email or sign up for an evening video conference via Google Meet.

Remote Work/Homework:

On your first day of in-person school for the week, we will go over the goals for the week. And then, when you are working remotely, you will continue the work we began in-person and follow the specific due dates for assignments which will be posted in Google Classroom and on our calendar (posted below).

Calendar View: American Experience Syllabus