Mrs. Fling's Flamingos

Welcome to Mrs. Fling's Math Class!

I am so excited for the opportunity to start off my time here at Excel Academy teaching math! We have a fantastic group of kiddos and we are going to make it a really great year, I just know it!

We recently made it through all kinds of multiplication problems and are now multiplication MASTERS! We are now moving on to division and using our multiplication knowledge to help us.

This group is doing wonderful things and I am so proud of how far they have come!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and relaxing break! I can say, I am so happy to be back.

We have a lot that we're doing in these next three weeks, and a lot of it is using what they have already learned up until this point. I am so excited for them to put into practice all the many ways we've discovered to solve problems.

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Phone: 303-467-2295 ext. 176