to Pre-K 1

Thursday, September 20, 2018

We had one more addition to our letter A table this morning....an avacado!!! So great :) One more more day to bring some A items in....will we see any more?

This morning we learned all about the parts of an apple. Many of us knew that inside an apple we will always find seeds...but we didn't know that seeds are also known as pips. We looked at a real apple and took some guesses as to how many apples would be inside of it. The predictions ranged from 1 to 6. We watched as Mrs. Dignam carefully sliced open the apple sideways, then showed us the star shape inside of it. We counted the seeds and our friend Neave's prediction was right on - there was 5 inside! Next we looked at the other apple parts: the skin, the flesh, and the stem. Sometimes apples have leaves too, but ours did not. Next we participated in a fun activity where we voted for our favorite color apple - red, yellow, or green. We each had the chance to put our name underneath the color apple we like best. We tallied the results to find that this Pre-K class likes green apples the best, with a total of 7 votes and we like yellow apples the least with only 3 votes.

When we returned to our seats we practiced our fine motor, color identification and listening skills as we completed an apple parts activity page. We found and used our red crayon to color the skin, we found and used our green crayon to color the leaf, and then we found and used our brown crayon to color the stem and the seeds. We did a fabulous job. I encourage you to review this activity with your child at home and see if he/she can tell you the names of the apple parts.

After enjoying our morning snacks and working/playing at our centers, we enjoyed some fresh air outside and got some good exercise. We then gathered on the rug for God's Time and finished the lesson we began on Tuesday. We first listened to a story about Lorrie and her first day of Pre-K. We listened to find out what Lorrie liked about being in her new classroom. This led us to a nice discussion about what we like best about our new school.....and we all agreed that making new friends is at the top of our list!

Lunch time was yummy as always, and then free play time with friends in the classroom followed. Afterward we listened as 3 more friends presented interesting items from their "All About Me" bags - Chase, Colin, and Alivia. These kids are doing such a great job with this getting-to-know-you activity!

Before settling down for some quiet time, we had a practice fire drill. First we talked about what a fire drill is - a time for us to quickly and quietly line up, exit the classroom, grab an 8th grade buddies' hand, and make our way outside to the school lot safely. Sister John alerted us over the loud speaker that we were having a fire drill, so we knew exactly what to do. A is for amazing - and I must say that these little ones did quite an amazing job :) Way to go, Pre-K! Next time we will practice with the actual alarm.

After resting so nicely, we finished up the rotation of table-top activities for this week. We gathered for prayer and goodbyes at the end of our day and look forward to seeing our friends tomorrow :)

FINAL REMINDER: Nap mat orders are due tomorrow for all those interested in ordering through school. The fee is $29 (cash only)

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I am happy to report that our letter A table is looking A-mazing! Today we added not one, but two apples, an angel and Ana from the movie "Frozen". Great job so far everyone! If you and your child can think of any more, please send them in. After praying and saying The Pledge of Allegiance , we sat down for circle time. We sang our hello song and few others, the weather watcher and calendar checker did their jobs, and sang our months of the year and days of the week songs. Next we put our math skills to work by playing a fun apple counting and sorting game. We each received a different color apple (either red, yellow, or green). We made a floor graph to see how many apples were under each color and then discussed which color had the most and the least.

When we returned to our seats, we each received an activity page with a large upper and lower case Aa on it. Our first task was to carefully trace our names with our pencil. Next we watched how to draw an apple on the SMARTboard, then tried our best to draw our own at the bottom of our papers. Wow - we have some awesome apple drawers! We then thought about which color apple we like the best - red, yellow or green. We were asked to find that color in our crayon bags and hold it in the air. This helps us with our listening skills and following directions. We then colored our apple in using the color we chose. But we weren't done yet! Finally, we used some colorful dot-a-dot stampers to stamp on top of the large upper and lower case Aa's. Wonderful job! Check our folders to see our amazing work!

We enjoyed our morning snacks, then got busy with our center time activities. Next we were happy to get outside for a good stretch of the legs. It was so nice to see the sun and feel a cool breeze. We had lots of fun jumping on each other's shadows during this time today. Afterward, we made our way to the library, sat down and relaxed, and listened to a few good stories read by Mrs. Dunfee.

Lunch time was de-licious, then free play time with friends in the classroom followed. Before we settled in for rest time, three of our friends presented their All About Me Bags (Jake, Delaney, and Elijah). We learned some neat things about our new friends! We then finished the story we started yesterday "There's an Alligator Under My Bed" - we were surprised by the ending! Next we spread out and had some "Animal Action" fun as we listened to the music and acted out moving like ducks, bunnies, horses, and bees (just to name a few).

Rest time was quite peaceful, then we were eager to get busy with our table top activities for today. We gathered up our belongings, packed up, prayed and sang our goodbyes as we ended another great day in Pre-K :)

**Please remember that if you are interested in purchasing a nap mat through school, the $29 fee is due no later than this Friday, 9/21....cash only please**

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

We are really beginning to get the hang of things in Pre-K 1! We are becoming very familiar with the morning routine of unpacking, putting our apple in the attendance tree, and coloring in our coloring books. I am very proud of them :)

One of our "A" friends (Alivia) remembered to bring in an item for our A table - a stone carving of her name. We had one more addition of a book titled "Animals" , brought in by our friend Delaney. Great! If you and your child can think of any more, please send them in...we have lots of room on our table. Maybe an apple? or an airplane? or an acorn? After praying, saying The Pledge of Allegiance and singing our hello song, we sat down for circle time. We sang songs, the weather watcher and calendar checker did their jobs, and sang our months of the year and days of the week songs.

Our morning lesson focused on the number 1 and we enjoyed talking about the parts of our bodies that we have one of - our list included head, face, mouth, nose, chin, back, and bellybutton! We also took turns finding the #1 within a group of other numbers. We stood up and moved a bit as we watched and danced along to a Sesame Street #1 video on our SMARTboard. When we returned to our seats, we traced the large #1 with our pointer finger, then put our fine motor skills to work as we glued torn pieces of construction paper inside to fill it up. Check our folders to see!

After bathroom and snack we searched for our name tags and participated in our center-time/small group activities, which rotate every day. We then had the opportunity to go outside and get some fresh air and stretch our muscles.

Upon returning to the classroom, we gathered for "God's Time", which is our Religion lesson. Today we discussed how this year we will learn about God and God's love for us. We will learn about God's only son, Jesus, who is our friend. We talked about how we will play games, sing songs, and listen to stories. We looked at a large picture of 4 Pre-K friends named Carlos, Peter, Brenda, and Lorrie and that we will see these children throughout the year on our Religion activity pages. Afterwards we returned to our seats and received our own page to work on. First we traced our name, then we made our own face in the picture with the other children by drawing eyes, a nose, a mouth, and some hair. We will complete this activity page during our next lesson on Thursday.

Lunch time was yummy in our tummies, then we chose a place to play for free play time. Next we gathered on the rug and enjoyed looking at Neave's, Noah's, Christine's and Ayden's "All About Me" bags. It's so much fun learning new things about our new friends....and we are discovering that many of us have similar interests! Before resting, we began a story called "There's An Alligator Under My Bed", by Mercer Mayer. We read the first part of the story and made some predictions about what will happen in the next part. Tomorrow we will find out!

After a relaxing rest time, we returned to our seats and got busy with some table activities. Each table has a different activity that will rotate each day until all tables complete them. This week we will fill up our upper case A's with apples, manipulate some play-do, and make a picture with markers.

We wrapped up our day by packing up our belongings, praying, and singing goodbyes. Looking forward to another great day tomorrow ;)

Monday, September 17, 2018

Hooray for "A"! Today we introduced the letter Aa and our A table so far is Absent of items! Please help your child find something at home that begins with A to put on our A table! Our friends Ayden and Alivia colored their letter people to put on there. We talked about many things that begin with "A", such as apple, alligator, anchor, ant, acorn, apron, and airplane. We also took a look at the bouncepatrol letter A video on youtube.

During center/small group time, one group began working in our letter books where we traced and made upper and lower case Aa's, then we chose two A pictures to color and glue into our books. Another group cut, colored and cut out acorns and made apple prints with red paint, while another group traced and made the #1 and counted out 1 ice cream scoop (well, a cotton ball) to glue on top of a piece of pie that we colored. By Friday, all of us will have completed all of these fun learning activities.

Time moved quickly and before we knew it, we were lining up for gym class. Ms. Gorman had us using different color bean bags and hula hoops to practice many different skills - and we even participated in some relay fun. She was super proud of us for following directions so well! Yay for Pre-K!!

We worked up quite an appetite, so lunch time hit the spot! We met our new lunch mom, Mrs. Elliot. Afterward, we had some free play time, then gathered on the rug with our friends. Before we settled down for rest time, we really liked getting to know some of our friends a bit better as they presented their "all about me" bags. Landon and Henry did a great job showing us their bags and telling us about the items inside. We are looking forward to looking at more tomorrow :)

After resting peacefully, we ended the day looking at our superhero photos that were taken last week (yes, we all had our picture taken wearing some superhero glasses), then we brainstormed some things we know about superheroes. Our list included: they are strong, they are kind, brave, and they help others. We talked about our display in the hallway titled, "The Superheroes of Pre-K-1" - with our pictures hanging underneath. We discussed how we can be a superhero by being a super student - by being good helpers, kind, sharing, and brave!

We took a moment to look at our classroom web page and saw some new photos that have been added from our "Meet and Greet" and first week of school. It was fun to see ourselves on the SMARTboard. Take a moment to check them out when you get the chance! Our fire drill that was scheduled for today was re-scheduled for another day this week due to the rain.

We packed up our backpacks, said our prayers and sang our goodbye song as ended our Monday together. See you tomorrow :)

Friday, September 14, 2018

Whew! Our first week of Pre-K has come to an end. The children have done such a wonderful job this week getting to know one another, following a new routine, taking turns, playing nicely, creating crafts, and practicing new songs and prayers.

These little one are continuing to get comfortable with our classroom routine and are even getting mighty independent with unpacking bags and taking care of their items before settling down at the table to practice coloring.

This morning we participated in our first September Scholastic lesson titled "Hello, School!", which was all about being in a new classroom with new friends and teachers. We looked at many colorful pictures of children in their classrooms - and they were doing some of the very same things that we do every day! We also discussed the many ways we can greet our new friends.....we can say "hello", wave, smile, give high-fives, and even give a handshake. Of course, we practiced all of these greetings with the friends sitting near us. After watching the short videoclip that goes with this lesson, we returned to our seats. We each received our own scholastic book and a pencil, and our first task was to trace our name. We will practice tracing our names every day in Pre-K! Next we followed directions well as we completed the activity page ""What is in your Classroom?". Our task was to see if the pictured item on the page is something that is also in our Pre-K classroom. If so, we colored in the happy face next to the picture. Take a peek in our folders to see our wonderful work! I encourage you to review this booklet at home with your child.

Morning snack was yummy, then we enjoyed playing with friends during center time. In small groups, we practiced using scissors by attempting to cut, cut, cut on the dotted lines.

We were happy to get outside and play with our friends in Pre-K 2 on yet another cloudy day. After munching on our lunches, we chose a place to play in the classroom during "Free Play" time. Next we gathered on the rug and listened to the story "Designed by God, that's what Makes Me Special". We talked about all of the wonderful gifts God gave us, including our senses and amazing bodies. Afterward, many of the children were eager to tell about some of the amazing things that they can do with their bodies.

Before settling for rest time, we practiced how to safely exit the classroom in the event of a fire. Our 8th grade buddies assisted us by holding our hands and walking us outside to the school lot. This was done in preparation for our first school fire drill, which is scheduled for Monday. They did a great job :)

After resting peacefully, we finished up our day playing a SMARTboard game that helped us practice the names of shapes.

Please be sure to see the letter in your child's folder. Ms. Denise and I are very proud of the children. Next week we are looking forward to going to our "specials" classes for the first time, sharing our "All About Me" bags with the class and learning all about the letter ""Aa" and the #1. Have a wonderful weekend with your litte ones :)

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Even though it was not sunny outside this morning, the childrens' smiles as they came in today surely brightened up our classroom :)

After a good practice of our morning routine, we started off with prayer and salute to the flag. We are learning how to bless ourselves, fold our hands while praying, and recite "The Pledge of Allegiance". We took a look at the calendar, counting the days we've had so far in September, as well as checking on this cloudy weather. We are also using our vegetable garden chart to count up to our 100th day of school, today we added the #4! Of course we sang some songs, then read our morning message. We read the entertaining story of "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault. A told B, and B told C, I'll meet you at the top of the coconut tree - but when all the letters of the alphabet race up the tree.....Oh No! Chicka Chicka BOOM! BOOM!

Next up we had a bathroom break, then enjoyed our morning snacks. Afterward, we were happy to get some time to play with friends during center time. We located our name tags and got busy with center time activities. During this time, we were called in small groups to complete an activity related to the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom story. We discussed how the story had all of the letters of the alphabet in it, then we each had a turn to find the letter that our name begins with and practice the sound it makes. Finally, we all received a piece of construction paper with the first letter of our name on it, and our task was to cover it up with colorful stickers. What a fun way to practice those small motor skills as we peeled off each sticker and carefully placed it on top our letter. A great job was done by all! They are hanging in our classroom for all to see :)

We then took a trip outside. We are practicing how to play safely in the school lot and how to treat our friends while we are playing - with helping hands, not hurting hands. It was nice to get lots of exercise - and our friends from Pre-K 2 were out there with us as well!

Lunch time was yummy and really hit the spot, then we enjoyed some free play time. Afterward we viewed a musical version of the story Chicka Chicka Boom Boom on our SMARTboard (this is on youtube if you would like to show it to your child again). Then we got up, spread out, and participated in a fun movement activity called "Animal Action" - we listened to the music and moved all around the classroom like different types of animals....we were slithering like snakes, hopping like frogs, flying like birds, and swinging like monkeys (just to name a few).

After visiting the bathroom once more, we rested our minds and bodies and relaxed for a bit. We finished up our day using whiteboards and dry erase markers. We then packed up and ended our day with prayer and song.

We look forward to starting a new day in Pre-K tomorrow :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

How nice it was to see the classroom filled with all of the boys AND girls today! Most of them were very eager to enter the classroom with great smiles that just lit up the room. We are beginning to learn the morning routine - unpacking, putting our apples in the attendance tree, and coloring. At circle time we had a calendar checker, a weather watcher, and several other helpers as we participated in our morning meeting activities. There was even two new songs introduced to help us learn the days of the week and the months of the year! We use songs often in the classroom to learn and develop language and rhythm...and have fun too :)

After munching on our morning snacks, we enjoyed listening to the reading of the story "No, David!" by David Shannon about a little boy who sometimes forgets the rules. David was extremely silly in this story and we were laughing at his antics. See if your child can tell you some of the situations David got himself into! Afterward we worked in small groups to make our own "David" puppet from the story - we put those small muscle skills to work as we colored, cut and glued our puppets together. Check our folders to see :)

Of course we had fun playing with the toys during center time. We located our name tags and played at either the kitchen/construction area, blocks and building, writing center, math center or i-pad station. Afterward it was so nice to get a good stretch of the legs outside and run about on this warm day.

Before lunch we made our way downstairs to visit the school library. We met our librarian Mrs. Dunfee and listened to another silly story called "The Cow Who Went Oink". It was our first time eating lunch at school and we did a fantastic job!! After cleaning up, we had the chance to choose a place in the classroom to play for a short time. I am very happy to report that the children are already playing so very nicely together. Next we had the chance to move and groove as we participated in a fun "Freeze Dance" song!

After a quick trip to the bathroom, it was our rest time - a time for us to be quiet and still after a very busy morning. Soft music, lights dimmed, and peace. Some friends fell asleep, some didn't. Before we knew it rest time was over and then we all had the chance to manipulate some clay before ending our day together. Some of us made balls, snakes, and even letters with our clay - great job!

We gathered our belongings, said our closing prayer and sang our goodbye song. Busy but fun day in Pre-K! We are so proud of all of the children - they are doing great :) See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Way to go, girls!! What a pleasure it was to meet all of the young ladies who are in our Pre-K 1 class. Another amazing day :) Some of the daily jobs that we practiced today are how to line up, walk in line, how to walk into and out of the classroom, unpacking and placing our backpacks in the proper bin, finding our name tag apple and placing it in the attendance tree, and listening to directions.

We weren't shy at all when we sang some fun songs at circle time. We dressed our weather frog for another rainy, cloudy day and turned over the next day on our September calendar. As the boys did yesterday, we enjoyed looking at our circle time boards and what we will be learning and participating in each day during our morning meeting. We took the time to read our morning message together to find out what the day had in store for us.

After walking quietly to the bathroom and enjoying our morning snack, we had a quick tour of the centers in our classroom. First we went over some rules, then we were able to participate in free play time. Again, the dramatic play area was a popular place - we all played there at some point today. A few of us enjoyed playing i-pad games and some of us put our drawing skills to work at the easel. The blocks and building area was visited by a few and the writing center had a few guests today as well.

Next we listened to the wonderful story "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn about a racoon named Chester who is sad to leave his mommy when he goes to school. His mother shares a wonderful secret with him that makes him feel her love even when she can't be with him. A perfect story for the first day of school! This prompted a good discussion about our first day of school feelings. After the story we colored a picture of Chester while waiting to make a special art project for you, our wonderful parents. You will see it in our folders tomorrow! At the end of the story, we learned how to say "I Love You" in sign language - see if your little one can show you!

Next we made our way downstairs to see the gym where we will be having gym class next week, then we were happy to get some fresh air and exercise outside for a short time.

Time went by quickly and it was already time to go home. We gathered in a circle to end our day with prayer and our goodbye song. We received a special treat that went along with "The Kissing Hand" story for having such a wonderful first day. Ms. Denise and I are so very proud of them.

Tomorrow we look forward to having all of the boys and girls in our wonderful class together for the first time. TOMORROW IS A FULL DAY OF SCHOOL - DISMISSAL IS AT 2:30 PM. Please keep in mind that all children should have a morning snack, a lunch, 2 drinks, and a small towel inside their lunchbox. Thanks and have a great night :)

Monday, September 10, 2018

Wow! Wow! Wow! Our first day was fantastic! I am so proud of our Pre-K 1 boys and how well they listened and got settled into our classroom.

We practiced doing a number of basic daily jobs, like walking into the classroom, lining up, finding their name tag apples and placing them in our attendance tree, (which everyone did wonderfully!), putting folders away, unpacking backpacks, and waiting for directions.

We also sang some fun songs that will help us learn things, like each others' names and what the weather looked and felt like on this cloudy, rainy day. We looked at our circle time boards and noticed that we will be counting each day until our 100th, we will learn some fun new songs to help us remember our days of the week and months of the year. We also looked at our birthday board and we learned that we have one pre-k friend who has a September birthday - and that is Jake!

After a trip to the bathroom and our morning snack, we had the chance to see all of the centers in our classroom and participated in free play time. Some of us chose to play in the kitchen/dramatic play area, while others of us had fun playing games and doing puzzles, playing in the blocks and building area, and a few of us even painted at the easel!

Next we listened to the wonderful story "The Kissing Hand" by Audrey Penn about a raccoon named Chester who is sad to leave his mommy when he goes to school. His mother shares a wonderful secret with him that makes him feel her love even when she can't be with him. A perfect story for the first day of school! This prompted a good discussion about our first day of school feelings. After the story we colored a picture of Chester while waiting to make a special art project for you, our wonderful parents. You will see it in our folders on Wednesday!

We took a trip down to the gym to meet our gym teacher, Ms. Gorman, then we had the chance to play outside for a short time to get some fresh air. While out there, we played a fun game of "Duck, duck, goose." Before we knew it it was almost time to go home. We gathered in a circle to end our day with prayer and we talked about the favorite part of our day.

The children really did their very best to follow directions, clean up toys, share with friends, and use manners. I'm so proud of them! They each received a special treat before going home for having such a wonderful first day.

Looking forward to seeing the girls tomorrow!

Dear Parents,

I am very excited to be your child's teacher and look forward to an enriching and rewarding school year. So many great things will happen in our class! My objective this year is to help better prepare your child for kindergarten emotionally, spiritually, socially, and academically in a positive and nurturing environment.

Below you will find some of the skills focused on in Pre-K:

Reading Readiness: listening to and following directions, left to right progression when reading and writing, letter identification, and letter sounds, using storybooks to make predictions and learn about characters, setting, and lessons learned.

Math Concepts: patterning, sorting, one to one correspondence, greater than/less than, shapes, size sequencing, number recognition, number writing, simple addition and subtraction.

Fine Motor Skills: manipulating small objects, tracing, painting, coloring, pencil grip, correct letter and number formation, gluing and cutting.

Science: simple experiments and outcome predictions, animal habitats

Awareness of self: respect of self and others as well as our school community, waiting one's turn to speak and play, and completing daily tasks.

It would be very helpful if your child becomes familiar with the following skills and information. Please work on any of these skills and/or information below with your child that he/she may need help with:

1. His/Her full name and phone number

2. How to wash his/her hands with soap and water as well as how to dry them.

3. How to put away play things and materials after using them.

4. How to use a tissue when blowing his/her nose. How to cough and sneeze into his/her elbow.

5. How to take off and put on clothing including jackets, mittens, etc. without assistance.

6. How to unfasten/fasten clothing including zippers, snaps and buttons.

PLEASE make sure that your child knows how to take care of his/her bathroom needs including wiping him/herself without assistance.

We realize many children may not have mastered all of the above, but working together, we're sure it can soon be accomplished.

I am very much looking forward to meeting all of you and your beautiful children and I am excited to be a part of their growth and development. Please don't hesitate to contact me at sdignam71@gmail.com with any questions or concerns you may have.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer!

Please click on the "Pre-K Info" and "Calendar" tabs to your left for further info regarding Parent Orientation Night, Meet and Greet, and the first week of school schedule.


Mrs. Dignam