Web Links

Here are some useful and helpful websites. Check them out!

Want to know if an app is educational and relevant? Check out this rubric.

Want to know if an app is educational and relevant? Check out this checklist.

Think school might be closed? Check out...

Big Idea, the creators of VeggieTales!

Here is a great reading website, featuring games and other activities for your child!

Here is another great site devoted to reading, with activities for your child as well as wonderful information for you!

...and yet another great site devoted to the importance of reading: Reading is Fundamental!

Here's one of our favorite sites, with math and word games!

Another favorite site of ours!

Here's a fun site that I will use to post the week's spelling words. Your child can play games to practice spelling the words, and can even take an online test!

Have fun with Arthur and his friends at

Here is the website to access our Social Studies and Science textbooks, and activities related to our Social Studies and Science units.

Here is a site all about fire safety!

Here is another fire safety site!

...and another one!

...and one more!

Have some fun with Dr. Seuss!

This site was recommended by Slim Goodbody!

This site, too!

We use this reading site during Tech Time. There are many short stories and informational texts. Once the students reads a selection, they take a short quiz and check their comprehension! You need to find the "mrsdecastro" teacher page in order to begin. The password is the same as their Study Island password.

Here are some sites about the Wampanoag, the English settlers, and what we call "the first Thanksgiving."

Here is a site to help practice money skills.

This site is one of our favorites! Several of the videos and activities are free.

Want to watch the life cycle of a butterfly in your own home?

This site will help your child practice subject/verb agreement!

Here is the site to help your child practice math skills and strategies!