Birthday Celebrations!

Per the letter you have already received from the school office, a child may bring in birthday treats if s/he would like. Birthday students will pass out their treats at the end of the day. Birthday treats need to be individually wrapped. Students will bring these treats home instead of eating them in the classroom. As of this writing, we have 26 students in our class this year.

Please Remember: the treats do not have to be edible. Stickers, pencils, and small toys make great birthday treats, too!

Another suggestion would be to add to our classroom library by having your child bring in a favorite book to donate. Inscribe your child’s name and birth date in the book. The birthday boy or girl will share with the class a little bit about the book and perhaps read a page or two from it.

As a reminder, if your child has a birthday in June, July, or August, we will celebrate it as a half-birthday in December, January, or February. If you have any questions regarding birthdays, please call or email me. Thank you!