4th Grade with Mrs. Cruz

Welcome to Room 2!

Scholastic Book Club

If you'd like to purchase books through Scholastic, please click here and use our class code QY4Y2. You'll receive discounted books as well as help our class earn points so that we can grow our in-class library! Thank you! :)


I'm so excited that you're going to be a part of our wonderful classroom! On this website, you can find almost everything that we do in class - our homework, our policies and procedures, and great resources for out-of school help.

Each activity we do in our classroom will be standards based, but since the standards keep evolving, it can be difficult to understand what you need to know. Please feel free to look through an "I Can" chart for the California Common Core State Standards for both math and language arts (reading and writing). If you've seen standards for previous grades, this should look familiar because each standard is supposed to build off of students' knowledge from the previous year.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any concerns or questions! (But if you have questions about the homework, make sure that you've followed the proper procedures.)

I'm looking forward to an outstanding year!

-Mrs. Cruz