• Mrs. Clark's Office Hours (actively available for questions, comments, Zoom meetings etc)
    • 9:00-11:00 and 1:00-3:00
  • We will be utilizing Google Classroom and Class Dojo. Students should check the Google Classroom platform daily. Class Dojo will mainly be used for parent communication.
  • Students and families can email me at Caroline.clark@bcsemail.org. Guardians can continue to use Class Dojo for teacher contact, like normal. Students can email me or post a private comment to our Google Classroom sites.

*We have been using these same resources ALL year! I hope to make this season as simple and user-friendly as possible.

*Mrs. Croom is available digitally from 10-12 and 1-3 also!

We use the 3 Rs in Room 150:

Ready, Respectful and Responsible!

​To learn more about Class DOJO and other important resources, please refer to our Room 150 Handbook that was distributed at the beginning of the school year. Thanks!

Welcome families, parents and guardians!

Thank you for exploring this website. I hope the information located here is helpful and easy to use. We will rely on each other this year as we seek to grow your 5th grader. As we are all students and teachers (at the same time), please let me know how I can improve my practice. I want to model life-long learning to each child. We are all able to learn and grow more!

Take the time to visit the front office and get your unique code to view your student's Powerschool throughout the year. While your student is and should be held responsible for their grades, we are transitioning into middle schoolers and may still need encouragement with our assignments. I also want to take a moment to emphasize what is most important: Growth. Grades can be a helpful tool in learning, but a grade should not be held as more important than the attitude and learning of a child. Grades are earned by a child, not given by a teacher.

Powerschool can be located by the student through "IAM" (my.ncedcloud.org). We will regularly practice doing this and I will remind students to be aware of their grades. There are MANY instructional tools on "IAM" that we will use throughout the year, and most, if not all apps, can be accessed outside of school.

One final note, I am usually quick to respond to an email or Dojo message. If I do not reply immediately, I will respond as soon as possible. My main objective is to grow your students! If an emergency or change in transportation arises, please do not Dojo me. Please call the office instead.

Thank you for your partnership!

Mrs. Clark