Mrs. Hall

About me

Hello! My first name is Deandra (pronounced De-Andre). I moved to Georgia from Austin, Texas last summer. While in Texas, I attended Concordia University in Austin where I became a tornado. Whoosh! I earned both my bachelors and masters degrees from Concordia. I am currently working on a specialist degree from Augusta University. This year I have the privilege of teaching third grade reading, writing, and social studies. Mrs. Ritz will be your math and science teacher.

My husband, Desmond, is an Army Veteran. We have been married for eight years. Our son, Maurice, is four years old and enjoys being outdoors and playing soccer. He is a bundle of energy, so a strong cup of coffee in the morning is a must. In my spare time I enjoy watching movies, participating in local races, and exercising. I have an identical twin sister, Deanna, who is also a teacher, but in Texas. This will be my second year in Columbia County and my 14th year teaching.

ConTact INformation


    • I typically respond to emails throughout the school day.

Phone/Google Voice: 470-223-7963

    • Please leave a message.

Conference Period: 11:50 – 12:35

Google Classroom Codes

  • Mrs. Hall's Homeroom: SZQTNPJ

  • Mrs. Ritz's Homeroom: GTAI6K4

Google classroom Calendars


  • Birthday: March 2nd

  • Favorite Color: Purple & Yellow

  • Favorite Candy: Gummy Bears

  • Favorite Scent: All Things Coconut

  • Favorite Cookie: Chocolate Chip

  • Favorite Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A & Starbucks

  • Favorite Snack: Trail Mix

  • Favorite Hobby: Fitness & Camp Gladiator

  • Favorite Flower: Sunflower & Lillys

  • Class Wish List: School Supplies & Picture Books