3rd Grade



Saint Mary

Tulsa, OK

Weekly Update for November 19th-20th

Happy Thanksgiving! Please read the School of Saint Mary FYI and have a wonderful week!


  • Writing Prayers of Thanksgiving


Language Arts

  • Grammar: Adverbs
  • Writer's Workshop: Letter to Veterans
  • Cursive Practice


  • We are working toward fact mastery of new multiplication facts at each level of Rocket Math. Rocket Math tests are returned daily and should be in the "Keep at Home" pocket of your child's folder. If you notice that your child is not advancing after a few days, please spend additional time at home practicing the multiplication facts on the level that your child is currently on (look at the facts around the edge of the practice test). Students practice drilling the facts on their current level before taking a 2 minute timed practice test in class. They only need to memorize 3 or 4 new facts at each level.
  • Both groups will continue to work through lessons in our textbook.


  • Fluency Assessments begin Monday, December 3rd using the Endangered Animals fluency passage. Your child will receive a new practice passage after Thanksgiving. Each student should read their fluency practice aloud to someone 3 to 5 times daily until their next scheduled assessment date. Your child's assessment date is written on their passage.
  • Reading Logs are due Friday, November 30th. Your child has a 100 minute weekly goal. Please count their read aloud practice with their fluency passage as part of those minutes each day.
  • Reading Comprehension Mini-Lessons: Sequencing & Summarizing
  • Novel Studies continued... The Mouse and The Motorcycle & Frindle

Social Studies

  • We will learn about government during the month of November.


  • Chapter 5: Ecosystems
  • STEM