Mrs. Fischer

The physical education program at John Paul II Academy will encourage a cooperative approach between the physical education teacher, the classroom teacher, the parents and students.

All students’ main objectives while participating in physical education classes are the following:

· Increase endurance, flexibility, strength, cardio-vascular, and agility.

· To emphasize fun while increasing students’ levels of physical fitness.

· To emphasize the self-satisfaction of giving one’s best effort, regardless of winning or losing.

· To encourage all students become aware of their capabilities while participating in various activities.

· To teach knowledge of rules and strategies when playing a game or activity.

· To promote positive student interactions through physical activity.

· To assist students’ discover activities that can be used outside of school during their leisure time.

The end result is for students to have a safe and positive experience as well as carry out life-long activities that involve fitness and a healthy life style in the given environment.

Students will be graded according to the six standards:

  • Motor Skill Development
  • Movement Concepts
  • Fitness
  • Participation
  • Respect/Sportsmanship
  • Values Physical Activity

The following expectations for physical education are the following:

· All students will follow directions based on the students’ individual needs.

· To show cooperation and develop good attitude toward fitness and game activities.

· Will participate in activities to their best individual level for that given day and time.

· A doctor’s excuse will need to be presented to the teacher if the student needs to refrain from physical activity for a particular time.

· All students will be required to wear athletic running or walking shoes with socks for class.

· Grades 5th-8th will change in the boys/girls gym washrooms. The students will need to change into athletic shorts, plain t-shirt, jogging pants for cooler weather, and a jacket weather permitting per day. Bring deodorant, comb or brush with hair tie backs if needed per student.

· Students may bring their own hand towel if needed to use for drying off at the end of class when the body is perspiring.

This will be a fun-filled fitness year! If you have and questions or concerns please contact me at the school email:

Mrs. J. Fischer

Physical Education/Athletic Director