Assignment Procedures


Grades will be updated on a regular basis. Please note, citizenship will not be finalized until the end of a term and will default to "S" for Satisfactory performance until then.

Once you log into Aspire, you can access grades and attendance.

Grading Scale

Homework 5%

Classwork 20%

Reviews/Quizzes 25%

Assessments 50%

To access current grades:

  1. Select the Student
  2. After selecting a Student the Grades are listed
  3. Click on Class Title for a more detailed Term Summary for the Class
  4. Click "Complete Progress Report" for a progress report of all classes
  5. Click "Unofficial Report Card" for an unofficial report card

Grading Scales

Each subject has its own grading scale with weighted sub-categories. To see how my classes are weighted, please visit each subject's tab on this website.

What do they mean?

If a score is left blank, the assignment is excused and is not counted in the final percentage.

If a score shows "M" or "missing", the assignment was not turned in for whatever reason. The current score for this assignment is zero until a score is put in for late or absent work. Please note, late and absent work may take longer to grade and enter. Feel free to contact me if you are concerned that I have indeed received the assignment(s).

If a score shows "0", the student has received no credit. Zeros will be issued for assignments that cannot be completed in ZAP (long-term projects, no participation in group, etc.) or were still not completed by the end of the term.

If a student earns 1%, they completed the assignment but scored all incorrect.


Planner completion is scored daily.

Mrs. Shepard will provide all upper-grade students with a school planner. In my class, students are REQUIRED to complete their daily planner entry before any instruction may begin. Each day, planners will be checked off by the classroom teacher or teacher's aide. Students that are absent, will be asked to catch up on missed entries upon their return to class. Check-off lists will be kept and parents can request to view them at any time.

Each entry will include the day's topics, reminders, and highlighted homework assignments. Students are expected to bring the planner to class every day and home each night. We will work on how to use the planner as an organization tool. Planners should inform students of topics to study, work to complete and also what materials to collect before leaving school.

If a planner is lost, students will be expected to purchase a new one as soon as possible. Planner entries will be written on scratch paper until a new planner is available and a score deduction will be applied for the day.

Example of a planner entry.

Assignment Binder & Missing Work Board

Organized by class, the Assignment Binder shows all work that was required to be turned in for a score. Students will need to highlight their name as they turn in work on time. If a student does not have the work to turn in on the due date, their name will be left un-highlighted. Once they turn it in for credit, they will either highlight their name for absent work or late work and record the date. Any work that receives a zero for not being turned in will be highlighted by the teacher. Parents can request to see the Assignment Binder at any time to check on their child's progress.

At the end of each day, the "Missing Work" board will be updated with names that were not highlighted for the day. This indicates to students what class they are missing work in for whatever reason. They may then refer to the binder to check on the name of the assignment and original due date.

Assignments are logged in the Assignment Binder before turned into the appropriate basket.
The "Missing Work" board shows any student that has not turned in at least one assignment for whatever reason in that class.


Students that are absent for class are expected to copy the teacher's planner for any missed entries. (Please read the "Planners" section.) They are also responsible for checking on notes that may need to be caught up and pick up missing papers from the assignment folders. Any work that is not turned in while they were gone will result in their name being placed on the "Missing Work" board to alert them to check on assignments.

If an assignment was:

*given on the day they were absent, I will follow the school's 3 for 1 policy. For example, if they miss 2 school days, they will have 6 extra school days added to their due date.

*given to them before they were absent, no extensions will be given.

*due on the day they were absent, the student will be expected to turn in the work on their first day back to school.

*a regularly scheduled one, such as Independent Reading, no extension will be given since parents and students are already aware of this requirement.

If there are extenuating circumstances, such as major illness or injury or a death in the family, I will work with parents to individualize a plan.

Assignment Folders- extra copies are kept for one week and organized by day of the week


If a student does not turn in an assignment on the date due, for ANY reason, their name will be written on the "Missing Work" board for that class. Students with missing work NOT DUE TO AN ABSENCE, will be given a referral to attend the next scheduled Z.A.P. class. All late work gets a score deduction of 10% per week late.

When students see their name on the "Missing Work" board, they should consult the Assignment Binder. The binder shows all work turned in for each class and when it was originally due. Students highlight their name when they put work into the turn-in basket so it is easy to find any assignments they have missed. Late work is highlighted in a red color and dated in the binder. Parents can request to see the Assignment Binder at any time and check on their child's progress.

extra credit?

"Extra credit" assignments are a rare treat in the classroom. Based on the teacher's discretion, opportunities will be provided to the entire class on occasion. Individual extra credit will never be given and will not be offered to help students boost a low grade due to irresponsibility in classwork and homework. Opportunities for extra points may include additional problems to be done on an assignment, an at-home project, or at-home group extensions. Group members will split points evenly for group extensions.

If extra points are awarded to a student, the points will be added to the subject's final grade and not tailored to specific assignments. Please note that when extra points are added, the total percentage will increase for the subject but it may not be enough to change a letter grade!