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PluggedInVA is a career pathways program that prepares adult learners with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in education, training, and high-demand, high-wage careers in the 21st century. We have offered several PluggedInVA programs over the past several years, and we currently offer a welding partnership with Virginia Highlands Community College. Students in this program can earn a GED and college credit at the same time. Tuition is provided by a workforce development program of People Incorporated, a regional provider of many community, family, economic, counseling, and professional services.

Students can supercharge their career pathway by pursuing the Career Readiness Certificate, a credential recognized by major regional and national employers. The CRC guarantees to employers that an applicant has worked to develop "soft skills," or interpersonal and professional skills that ease transition into a competitive and demanding job. Trying to stand out in a crowd of hundreds or thousands of applicants is difficult and often discouraging, but the CRC was designed to help our students do just that.

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Please contact Shirley Carlson, MRRAEP Program Manager, for more information.

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