National External Diploma Program

The National External Diploma Program (NEDP) is an online, self-directed diploma program administered by MRRAEP and many other adult education programs nationwide. Completion of NEDP awards an adult high school diploma from a school district within our region. The program emphasizes individual aptitude and achievement, with our instructors assessing students' own work rather than teaching them in a classroom. NEDP emphasizes life and work competencies in addition to academics. Key differences between NEDP and GED include:

  • NEDP is completed entirely online, on a client's own schedule
  • Students are called "clients," because they are learning skills on their own
  • Clients do not have to pass any tests to complete NEDP. All work is assessed with an instructor and can be redone if necessary.
  • Although the program offers freedom of scheduling, clients must have above-average computer skills and access to high-speed Internet
  • With motivation and consistent effort, clients can complete NEDP in 6-12 months

If you are interested in entering NEDP, or if you have a relative or friend you think might be a good fit for the program, please contact our office to arrange an interview.

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