The Decade Magazine Project


To conclude our year, you will be creating a digital magazine. This magazine will comprise articles and features related to one decade of the 20th century. Each article you write should be historically accurate and written from the perspective of someone living during that time period in U.S. history (when applicable).


Use MadMagz to create your digital magazine.

    • Use your Baldwin Gmail account to create the account
    • Use the free template
    • Watch a tutorial to learn how to do this

Document your sources in Noodle Tools, including photos

    • Use MLA in-text citations throughout the magazine
    • Include your bibliography as the last page of your magazine
    • Make sure photographs are rights-free



      1. Must be fact-based
      2. Must be your original creation unless using it as a primary source
      3. Must include at least two primary sources which you use as the basis of an article or feature
      4. Must use at least two books from the library

For All Articles

      1. Include a byline (By *your name*)
      2. Be typed with Times New Roman or Arial 12-point font
      3. Fall within one decade of the 20th century
      4. Include photographs or other visuals when applicable


      1. Write your articles and create your features in a separate program like Word or Google Docs
      2. Create your content pages first
      3. Add a table of contents
      4. Finally create your cover

For Features (must include at least five)

  1. Comic Strip: A series of drawings that depict an event from history in a humorous way *Include a title for your comic *You must draw pictures, color and have at least 3 boxes *May be a primary source
  2. Advertisement: An announcement for a product used during that decade *May be original or primary source *Should include a price
  3. Crossword: Use 5-8 terms *definitions and the actual crossword chart (lots of online crossword generators)
  4. 10 Fact Questions: Have a trivial section using facts you learned about your decade
  5. Help Wanted: Place ads showing job openings

Required Sections (should have at two articles per section


    • Letters to the Editor - a reader writes to express an opinion on a "current" issue
    • Political cartoons - may be original or primary source
    • Editorials - the author writes an article expressing his or her opinion on a particular issue *Include a title that grabs the readers’ attention


    • Important historical events - these need to be fact-based

Arts & Culture:

    • Fashion - what are people wearing? What is trending?
    • Music - important artists or songs
    • Literature - books, poems, and plays
    • Visual and Performing Arts - works of art, dance, theatre, sculpture

Personal Interest:

    • Interview - written as a back-and-forth conversation between the magazine and an important person. Could be about the person's life or about something important they did.
    • Obituary - an announcement of the death of an important figure *Include details on who they were and their accomplishments *Title: should include the person’s name followed by the word “Dies” *Picture if available
    • Gossip - who are the celebrities? Who are Americans interested in? And what are they doing?

Science & Technology

    • Inventions - what's new?
    • Discoveries - are we exploring other planets? Learning new things about atoms or elements?


    • What's happening in other parts of the world?

Getting Started

Taking Notes

Before beginning work on the magazine you must demonstrate basic knowledge of your decade by taking notes from appropriate textbooks or other online sources. You will choose which textbook chapters and/or videos are appropriate and have them approved by me. Your notes must also be approved (a formative Criterion A grade) before you can commence. Notes may not come only from videos. The resources below are recommended starting points.

See examples of digital magazines here

Adapted from Ms. Kontis at