Your presentation is what you have to say.

PowerPoint is simply a tool to accent or enhance the information you wish to share.

You control it. It does not control you.

Student Advice on Presentations

  • Talking to an expert as we prepared really played a big role in our success
  • Warming up the audience with a getting-to-know-you activity really helped calm everyone down and make everyone more comfortable
  • We should build up enough schema for the audience before overwhelming them with information
  • It would have been good for Mr. Penn (or someone) to explain to the audience what we were going to be presenting so they could understand what they would be hearing (i.e. establish a schema)
  • Visuals are very powerful
  • Visuals need to be accurate and advanced
  • It’s really easy to talk when your script is just bullet points and you just talk about it freely. It’s hard to follow actual writing when it’s written out in long, full sentences
  • Sometimes you have to adjust your vocabulary for your audience – i.e. use simpler words for people who aren’t native English speakers
  • Being able to go off the script and talk “outside the presentation” was exciting and much more productive than what I had planned
  • Laying out our visual on the floor where you could literally see what we were saying helped the audience understand
  • It was hard to draw in the students – we didn’t plan to present to them
  • Dressing up made them take us more seriously and helped us take ourselves more seriously.
  • This really prepared me for my future career