2.1 Measuring National Economic Performance

2.2 Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply

2.3 Macroeconomic Objectives

2.4 Fiscal Policy

2.5 Monetary Policy

2.6 Supply-side Policies

The Puerto Rican Macroeconomic Crisis



Meltdown: a 4-part series by Al Jazeera examining the origins of the 2007-2008 global financial crisis (this link is to Part 1, with links to the additional parts)

This is the definitive documentary on capitalism and the macro economy. Watch all of this excellent series on the PBS website, or you can just go directly to the worksheet and follow the link there.


  • Free and rather simple, "Economic Policy" is a great way to begin learning the complexities of macroeconomics.
  • Chairman, also very simple from the San Francisco Fed, lets you set interest rates to guide America through economic crises
  • Also free is this one hour macroeconomic simulation, glamourously called "Economic Policy Simulator." Control the fate of three real (but unnamed) countries as they go through the phases of the business cycle.
  • For the serious gamers - Capitalism Lab is a lot of fun and will help you master the concepts we cover in this unit. Of course, you have to buy it. But that's capitalism!
  • Control the economies of Europe with Economia
  • Another European policy simulator: Be the Chancellor
  • For something a bit more challenging: Rolesia


The Business Cycle Clock allows you to see the links between the business cycle and economic indicators.


Is GDP the best way to measure the health of an economy?

Rethinking GDP as a way to measure progress

Is crime linked to the business cycle?