8-9 - Scarcity & discussion of "The Cold Equations"

Homework due: Read "The Cold Equations"

Homework due: Read "Letters from the Seniors"; then write a letter to me reflecting on the advice given.

8-12 - Zoolinomics and scarcity; the Bead Activity; quiz over pp.1-8

Homework due: Read pp.1-8

8-13 - Introducing the PPC

Homework due: Read pp.9-13

8-15 - The PPC: Azerbaijan activity

Homework due: watch video and read pp. 14-15

8-19 - Discussing the PPC activity & practice PPC question #81; Samples for #81

Homework: begin work on the Developing Country project by completing the document linked at that page

8-20 - The circular flow

Homework due: complete the Developing Country project

8-21 - Discuss the Circular Flow Handout; PPC question #55; Samples for #55

Homework due: the Circular Flow Handout

8-23 - Growth vs. Development - a closer look at economic systems

Homework due: watch video; Developing Country "The Reflection Part"

8-27 - conclude Growth vs. Development

Homework due: watch video & read pp. 16-20

8-29 - quiz over pp. 9-20 & introduction to the DRQ

Practice DRQ

Homework due: read "The End of Economics?"; write a one-page reflection on the main ideas in the article and upload to MB

9-3 - Evaluation of practice DRQ

Evaluation template - copy and place in your Google Drive Econ folder

Generic Paper 2 Level Descriptors

Markscheme for practice DRQ

9-5 - Foundations of Economics Exam

9-6 - In Class:

1. Read the markscheme and sample answers. Be sure you understand what was expected on every question and what the examiner was looking for.

2. Using the markscheme and the Evaluate your own exam and write a justification for the grade you give to each of the components.

3. Upload your evaluation to ManageBac

How do different economic systems compare?


These books combine murder, mystery, and economics. Yes, it can be done!