To be done every day on Khan Academy. Assignments range from a total of 4 or 7 questions. Homework is challenging and is meant to prepare them for the new Common Core Math. As a result, students who receive a 75% get full credit for the assignment. Since I do not accept late assignments, students can strive to get 100% on their homework for an extra 5 points in their homework category. Getting 100% on two homework assignments will "make-up" a late assignment that wasn't submitted in the past. All homework assigned during the week will be due every Monday by 11:59pm.

Notebook Logs

Another homework expectation. Students will be responsible for keeping an organized notebook. This will be an ongoing assignment throughout the school year. Students will be tasked with keeping a notebook log through Google Classroom and submitting a new log every Friday by 11:59pm.


There will be days where students will work together on a group project. This is a group project that must be completed during class. Any student absent must complete the project after school in order to get those points in this category.


Students will work individually on quizzes assigned during class on Khan Academy. These assignments are meant to be challenging but students are allowed to use their notes. Each quiz is only 5 questions long and students can take the quiz twice during class to keep the highest score. Students also have the option to retake the quiz twice after school but the new score will become their grade. Any student absent will be required to come after school and make-up the assignment. There will be some instances where a quiz will be assigned for homework.


Students will be taking this exam as a group without notes. This will test the overall knowledge of every unit and it can only be taken once during class. Students also have the opportunity to retake it twice after school with the same rules as the quiz. Any student absent will be required to come after school and make-up the assignment and it no longer guarantees a group setting.

Midterm & Final

We will have one exam in the middle and at the end of every semester. These exams will test on the overall knowledge of the material we've covered so far.