1. Open and paste 5 topic-related images. Create a collage of 5 more.

2. Reflect. (~20 words)






1. Work: Edit Drawing and complete the project.

3. Snip a famous one. Name it. Link it.


4. Reflect: What, where is it, by whom? Compare it to yours. (~50 words)

2. Reflect: Describe your work and experience in detail. Learning, likes, dislikes, suggestions. (~50 words)



1. Learning (~20 words)

A thing, idea or vocab you learned during this project?

2. Critical Thinking (~20 words)

A problem you had and solved in a new way? How?

3. Communication (~20 words)

A thought or idea you had, saw, heard or shared? How?

4. Creativity (~20 words)

A new approach you used to get things done? How?

5. Collaboration (~20 words)

Did you help reach our goal of learn, graduate, grow? How?


1. Snip 2 research images. 2. Write: Name (link), title, birth, edu, history, description, benefits, facts, $, thoughts (~100 words, from list, no copy/paste)


1. Snip a peer’s work. Feedback (~4 words)

2. Swap seats. Feedback (~4 words)

3. Snip 2 peers work. Gallery walk. Reflect. (~20 words)

Peer’s name (link):

Swapper’s name:

A good thing:

A good thing:

A good thing:

A good thing:

Improve a thing:

Improve a thing:

Check: Specific - Completed - Free of typos - Capitalized - Full sentences - Appropriate - Sounds good aloud - One page - Examples - Coding - Feedback