Words Project 3


4Cs: Critical Thinking | Collaboration | Communication | Creativity-InnovationWork: Imagine|Create|Solve|Precision|Perseverance|Quality|Read|Write|FeedbackTools: Rubric | Standards | Visuals | Examples | Showcase | CoursesAsk 3 before me. Check instructions, examples, showcaseMedia: images, PNG, GIF, video, draw Stathi Mexas, M.Ed. stathi.mexas@gmail.com


Create, format and present text and images for a personal letterhead.


Create a logo for your company, which is the mark of every business. This project has art elements and so anything goes, but prepare for improvements. Make sure you have lots of “white space” in your design, that is, space without anything in it. Check out the examples below.


1. Create a new Docs named Words-03-Logo-FirstL (double-click > Copy > Paste) in the class folder in the Drive. 2. Replace FirstL with your First name and the first letter of your Last name. Example: StathiM 3. Secure your document by Share > Advanced > Check “Disable options…” > Save changes > Done4. Add your first name, date in the header’s center. Example: Stathi, 1/2/35. Copy and paste onto your document the Words template.6. Complete the top part of your document.


1. Complete the left part of your document.
2. Specs: The design and work is yours but you need to follow the following guidelines:You must include your logo and your company name.Use this address: 1234 First Ave. Los Angeles, CA 91234 (123) 567-8900 logo@gmail.comUse media, WordArt, shapes, color etc. to create an amazing piece. PNGs are perfect.
3. Enlarge your piece as much as possible to fit in the box.


1. Complete and prepare to share your document. Complete your resume using the sample. Please give me feedback.2. Research: Person: Audrey Tang or Hardware: Mouse or Software: Powerpoint. 3. Make sure the entire project fits on a single page: delete blank lines, reduce the size of images and cells, etc.4. Follow the hints at the bottom of the template and improve your English and overall work.