Class Dojo


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What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is a 100% free app that connects teachers with parents and students to build amazing classroom communities! You can access it on any smartphone or computer. Please sign up as soon as possible here. You will need your student's access code that was sent home in our parent/guardian packet in your student's materials bag.

What Is ClassDojo used For?

Parent / Teacher Messages

You can send messages through the app directly to me! I get them on my Apple Watch and phone, so this is the quickest and best way to reach me. Messages are private and only seen between the teacher and parent.

Student behavior Management

Students can earn points to spend in the class store for displaying awesome behavior such as participation, teamwork, and perseverance at school. They also earn points for completing assignments and activities. I can also take away points, but I only do this in cases where behavior has not changed after multiple requests.

Class Story Updates & News

Our Class Story is similar to a social media feed or home page. I post pictures, news updates and announcements for all of our families to see. Only the teacher can post, but our classroom families can comment on each post.

Student Digital Portfolio

Students can create an online portfolio by uploading pictures and documents to showcase their hard work. All student posts are approved by the teacher before the are live. Only the connected family can see their own student's portfolio.

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