AP1 and APC Summer Work

Until we finally get highly needed lab periods like all other schools have in AP1 and APC Physics to get through all the material, you all will have to compete some summer work. The work will be the same for both classes, as the first unit is pretty much the same. APC will learn a little more when we come back.

Summer Work Structure

  • Part Review
    • graphs
    • algebra
  • Part Lab
  • Part Kinematics
    • Motion Ideas
    • Motion Equations
      • constant/average velocity
      • constant acceleration
    • Motion Graphs? some?
      • Do graph matching first class as competition?

Summer Work Ideas

  • Watch into to Motion Video by me
  • do some type of constant motion and accelerated motion lab, preferably with real materials (hill, ball, stopwatch, ruler/tape measure) or if this is not possible use a simulation.
  • Hills can be: slanted table in house, driveway, really straight piece of wood that is long, pvc pipe with marble that fits inside*may be hard to see,
  • const speed: roll marble down ruler across table
  • make sure to add predictions ... maybe make a google form or classroom type thing to fill in as they go???
  • have them take data, graph it, look at the shape of the graph and predict the relationship, linearize it if necessary based on their guess (have different options for linearizing based on their guess that are videos) and see if they can get information about the slope.
  • make videos to walk them through all of this.
  • have ap kids help me maybe.
  • have them maybe do a video analysis lab in loggerpro as well ... have them verify they can install loggerpro before they leave.