Dec. 11


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What you should put in your Powtoon.

Mr. Madsen's Example

Links to Past Assignments

Engineering Research & Flip Book

Taipei 101: First, read these instructions for doing your research.

Flip book: Then, read these instructions for making a flip book.

Quiz 7 - Use any resource you want to help you find the answers, just work on your own.

Study for Quiz 6: Rock Cycle Vocab and Rock Cycle Diagram from the board

Study for Quiz 5: Layers of the Earth

Dealing With Natural Disasters

Rock Research form - no longer accepting responses here, but type in a Google Doc and share with me if you haven't done it yet.

Choose three rocks: one from each of the main rock types we studied. Research your rock and write a paragraph for each one.

You should include:

- the type of rock

- the color

- what minerals make up the rock

- where it is found in the world.

Geology.com is a great place to start, but use Google and find whatever rocks you want and any other information you need.

Natural Disaster Presentation

You and a partner will make a Google Slides presentation about your assigned topic. You'll be assigned one of these:

  • Landslide
  • Earthquake
  • Tsunami
  • Mudslide
  • Flooding

Your presentation should include the following:

  • What is your natural disaster?
  • What causes it to happen?
  • In what parts of the world does your disaster happen?
  • What steps do people take to try and prevent these disasters or limit their damage?

In addition, you'll find a recent example of your disaster from the news and answer these questions:

  • When and where did the disaster happen?
  • What were the impacts? (think on both people and property)

When you're done:

Write a report on natural disasters in Utah.

    • Which of the above disasters take place (or could take place) in Utah?
    • Where in Utah do these disasters happen?
    • Find a recent natural disaster that has happened in Utah.
        • What type of disaster was it?
        • When and where did it happen?
        • What was the impact on people or property?

Earth's Layers Research

You need to find out 3 things for each layer of the Earth:

  • What are the 2 most abundant elements in that layer? Include the element's mass number.
  • What is the density (in g/cm3 ) of each layer?
  • What is the depth (in km) at which each layer begins?
        • In other words, how deep a hole would you need to dig to reach that layer?

Use the links below and Google for your research.

Link 1 - Density & layers

Link 2 - Layers

Link 3 - Density

Periodic Table

Elements in the layers