Ambassador Database


Ambassadeur Database

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The Ambassadeur Database

This hi-tech tool allows the Ambassadors - 10 students from Rillieux-la-pape, France who will be travelling to New Delhi in April 2018 - to know their missions and responsabilities as ambassadors.

The database details :

  • Where in New Delhi they will be staying and for which sector they are therefore responsible.
  • Who there partner student is in New Delhi (notably those who came to visit us in France in November 2017)
  • What their particular missions are (Presentations, coordinating joint-projects, filming, photographing, interviewing etc)

This tool will allow the ambassadors to coordinate their actions and it will also allow the Communication Team who remain in France to coordinate their reporting of our adventures in New Delhi.

La base de données des Ambassadeurs

Cet outil de haute technologie permet aux ambassadeurs - 10 étudiants de Rillieux-la-pape, France qui se rendront à New Delhi en avril 2018 - de connaître leurs missions et responsabilités en tant qu'ambassadeurs.

Dans la base se trouvent des données sur :

Cet outil permettra aux ambassadeurs de coordonner leurs actions et permettra également à l'équipe de communication restée en France de coordonner leurs reportages sur nos aventures à New Delhi.