Tell me about you and your neighbour.

Talking about yourself, your neighbour and others.

Question and answers session about school life.

Question Picker

Student Picker

Conversational subject picker

Projected on the whiteboard this conversational subject picker is great.

Type GO to choose a subject.

Give seconds to a student to produce a PHRASE & QUESTION contribution to the conversation.

Press F5 to refresh and choose a new subject.



Here are the videos used in class.

Les Tutos de Huito

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Videos by Mr KIRRAGE for you

Videos from other sources

From 1st and 2nd person to 3rd person

Worksheet : Tell me about David

Here is the document used in class to check our understanding.

First/Third Person Dialogues

The Essentials Collection @pjkirrage

Listening comprehension and written expression (including comparatives)

L005: Me. My school. And yours?

Worksheet and videos

Check for understanding

Check for understanding : The third person