Justin Timberlake

Can't stop the feeling.

Learn about the American urban landscape with Justin Timberlake

"Can't stop the feeling" by Justin Timberlake

A great song to get the class moving whilst also learning about the American urban landscape.

Here is the video to set the scene.

Have students invent questions about what they see using PRESENT-ING

L007: Questions movie clips

In groups of four, using this worksheet, students invent questions for the other teams which will be integrated in an interactive video.

I only did this once. The resulting quizzes and games are here below.

Here is the interactive video with the students' questions embedded

(Doesn't work on iOS)

Works great on an interactive whiteboard.

An interactive matching exercise for use on the interactive whiteboard.

Listening comprehension.

Click on the symbol in the top right corner to put it in fullscreen.

To be used in teams of 4.

  • Each team send one student to the whiteboard.
  • They click on an audio clip and then attemps to slide the corresponding picture onto the matching audio clip.
  • They click on the blue check box to check their answer.
  • Control gameplay and turn taking with the 30 second timer underneath the interactive quiz.

Colourful and interactive multiple choice quiz to check for understanding.

The above multiple-choice quiz can be used with Plickers or QuickKey to check for understanding.

Your turn to invent questions for the other teams.

Using the question models on the above worksheet, students are invited to invent questions - present simple and present ING - about the chosen frames from the video.










Extension opportunities