Phrases Bingo

Consolidating our work so far.

Bingo sheets

Print, laminate and distribute the Draw and Wipe Bingo Cards

Use this GoogleDoc: click here and go to page 7

I've chosen to print the cards in LV1 French so that students have to find in LV1 the phrases presented in LV2 English during the game.

Arrange students into teams of 4

Each team has a number and receives the corresponding wipeable Bingo sheet.

Phrases will appear on the whiteboard in LV2 English and teams must find the equivalent on their sheet in LV1 French and cross it off.

Random phrase picker

Click on the wheel on the left to open the phrase chooser wheel.

This wheel shows on the interactive whiteboard in L2 English one of the random phrases that appears on the bingo sheets in L1 French.

This version is for reading comprehension so the random phrases appear on L2 English on the wheel and students have to recognise them in L1 French on the sheet.

(You can make your own wheels with your own phrases on )


Explain that a horizontal line is 3 squares so 30 points (double if a yellow line). A vertical line is 4 squares so 40 points (double if a yellow line). No diagonals.

Keep track of team points on this interactive grid.


Scoring happens in real time infront of the whole class.

As soon as a team shouts "Bingo!" for their line, teacher can fill in 30, 40, 60 or 80 points in the team's column (T1, T2 etc) in the square corresponding to each horizontal line (H1, H2 etc) or vertical line (V1, V2 etc)

Yellow lines on the team's bingo card are yellow also on the scoring grid and merit double points.

Scores are tallied in real time and really do spice up gameplay :)

Follow-up worksheets

For the follow-up matching game and translation, see the “Mixed Phrases Grid” on the left or by clicking here top open in Google Docs (seen below)

E001/2/3/4 BINGO