Our Exchange with India

Letter exchange. Video conferences.

20 students from New Delhi in Lyon : November 2017

10 students from Lyon in New Delhi : April 2018

Project overview

They come here. We go there.

November 2017 twenty students from New Delhi stayed with us in Rillieux-la-pape, Lyon. ( Here's our video blog )

In February 2018, ten students from Casarès will go to New Delhi. ( Find out more here )

Find out more here : www.LyonNewDelhi.com

#LND Hompage

Videos of the New Delhi students spending a week in our school in November 2017

Here is a playlist of the videos from our video blog that tell the story of 20 fantastic students from New Delhi who chose to spend time with us in Lyon.

The Ambassador Database

The Ambassador Database presents the students from France who will be going to New Delhi, where they'll be living, with whom and what their responsibilities will be.

Sunday September 10th was the festival of Ganesh in Rillieux.

M. Kirrage, Mme Chamonaz and Mme Portrat made this video.

You can click here to see our photos.

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Our work on Diwali


Find out more about our work on Diwali by clicking here

We're learning Hindi before we go to New Delhi

Find out more about our work on the Hindi language here

Our letter exchange with our friends in New Delhi

Letters from class 4e1/4e2 Aged 13-14
Letters from class 3e1 Aged 14-15

Find out more about our written exchanges here

Press review