Chapter 10

This chapter begins our investigation into the world of force and motion. We will begin with the basics of speed, velocity, acceleration, and inertia and will use a number of hands-on investigations and lab activities to demonstrate these ideas.

10 Chapter Edited

You job is to complete each of the items below to start to familiarize yourself with some of the topics we will be discussing as we study physics. Where there is a question, answer it in a Google doc and share it with me. Where there are no questions, simply complete the game or activity before moving on to the next one.

Forces and Motion Webquest

Interactive Physics Websites

  1. Design a Roller Coaster

Design your roller coaster to achieve an overall “thumbs up” rating for Fun and Safety. List below what the individual designs would have to be for

1) Height of the First Hill =

2) Shape of the First Hill =

3) The Exit Path =

4) Height of the Second Hill =

5) The Loop =

  1. The Science of Hockey -

Answer 3 of the 7 questions found on the bottom of the page – Write the questions and answers below.




  1. Skateboard Science -

1) What is an ollie?

2) Describe the physics of another trick

  1. Fear of Physics

Choose and “play with” at least 4 of the topics presented and write down 3 things you have learned from this website.




  1. The Experiments of Galileo -

Perform the experiments of Galileo - Falling Objects | Projectiles | Inclined Planes | Pendulums

1) Which ones did you get right and wrong?

2) Do you think that these are questions that many people would get wrong?

  1. The Physics of Baseball

1) Play the Fastball Reaction Time Exhibit Game

2) How do you throw a curveball?