The Big Bang

We will now go back to the beginning of...everything! It is thought that time, space, matter, and energy originated from the Big Bang. We will investigate the origins and implications of this theory, as well as current evidence in support of and against it.

03 - The Big Bang Theory
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The Big Bang Theory Webquest

You're job is to, with a partner, complete the webquest below and submit your answers via the dropbox or e-mail. You do not need full citations for your answers but you do need to copy and paste a URL below your answer for each question. MAKE SURE YOUR SOURCES ARE RELIABLE! Yahoo answers,, and other sites where anybody can answer anybody are not reliable and you will lose points on your answers. Please have your answers in complete sentences and when in doubt, give more detail.

Part 1: Expansion of the Universe

  1. Why did Einstein develop the “cosmological constant”?
  2. Which theory was the natural beginning of a Big Bang theory?
  3. Who showed that the universe was indeed expanding?
  4. According to the expansion law do the galaxies expand away from each other equally? Explain.

Part 2: The Abundance of Light Elements

  1. What is nucleosynthesis?
  2. What is Big Bang nucleosynthesis?
  3. What was the universe like immediately after the Big Bang started?
  4. How much of the universe’s ordinary matter is thought to be helium? Does Big Bang theory support this number?
  5. What is WMAP?
  6. Where do elements heavier than lithium come from?
  7. Where do elements heavier than iron come from?

Part 3: Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation

  1. What is CMB? Explain.
  2. Who predicted the existence of CMB?
  3. Who discovered CMB?
  4. Describe the CMB as it exists today.
  5. How old is the universe thought to be?
  6. What did the FIRAS experiment show?
  7. What event was thought to occur about 400,000 years after the Big Bang?
  8. What is the most striking characteristic of the CMB?
  9. The article mentions cosmology and cosmologists over and over again. What is cosmology?