We will continue on to explore the scientific possibilities of life beyond Earth. In order to do this, we will investigate how science defines life, what the basic requirements we think are neccesary for life, and where we might be able to find it.

Life out there?
Drake Equation Webquest
  • Do you have some extra processing power you aren't using on you're computer? Do you leave your computer on 24/7 even though you're asleep or not at home? (Quit doing that, you're wasting energy) If you don't want to stop doing that, use your idle computer for something productive...SETI@Home! Unused processing power will be used to scour the massive amounts of radio data we receive in hopes of filtering a meaningful signal out from all the noise. Follow the link below if you are interested!

  • Below is a link to an interactive Drake Equation. Set the variables as you choose and calculate how many communicable civilization could be in our galaxy, all from the comfort of your own home and without the burden of a pesky calculator! Just click "Launch Simulation" in the middle of the page.

earth 2.0 web quest