Evolution Project

Your final evaluation for this unit will be to write a research paper discussing at least 2 pieces of evidence for evolution. You are free to choose any of the evidence we discussed in class.


  • This link takes you to the Smithsonian site on human evolution. You can take a look at hundreds of pieces of physical evidence for evolution, watch video clips from scientists and museum staff, and much more!



  • This is an interactive timeline on human evolution from the Smithsonian website.


  • A link to a very large article on evolution published by UC Berkeley.


  • This link takes you to the PBS Library for evolution. The resources here are on a wide variety of topics and range in content level from middle school to college. There is an individual section with 117 different items on evidence for evolution.

I am your intended audience for this project. You are required to explain why biologists point to the evidence as supporting the theory of evolution and are free to expand your discussion beyond what was discussed in class. For example, if you wish to present a paper which, after meeting the first requirement, presents SCIENTIFIC evidence against evolution, you may.

You will be graded based on meeting the requirements for this paper, the accuracy of your arguments, your sources, and the 6+1 traits of writing model. You should write this in Google Docs and SHARE IT WITH ME IMMEDIATELY THE FIRST DAY!

You will have roughly 2 weeks to work on this paper. A rough draft for credit is due this Friday and points will be assigned for progress while the sub is here. If you are compiling your sources first, keep track of the links in the Google Doc you have shared with me to receive credit.


  • A great cite to generate your MLA citations. You are responsible for filling in the correct information.

As with all our research projects, you will be required to state your sources in MLA format. There are many websites which can help you accurately cite your sources if you are not familiar with MLA formatting.

Evolution Project Scoring Guide