Chapter 1

Chapter 1 focused primarily on the scientific method, experimental design, and the characteristics of life.

SOME Key Terms:

Independent Variable: The variable in the experiment which you are controlling. In the case of our Alka-Seltzer lab, it was the type of water we were using to dissolve the alka-seltzer.

Dependent Variable: The variable in the experiment which changes when the independent variable changes. It DEPENDS on the independent variable. It is usually the variable which you are measuring or observing. In the alka-seltzer experiment, it was the time it took the tablet to dissolve.

Hypothesis: An educated guess based on the information your currently have. If new information comes available which goes against your hypothesis, you must create a new one taking the new information into account.

7 Characteristics of Life:

- Made of one or more cells

- Reproduces

- Grows and Develops

- Responds to Stimuli

- Maintains Homeostasis

- Adapts over time

- Requires Energy

You should understand the organization of life from cells up to organisms.

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