The classes I teach cover a broad range of topics. Due to the interconnected nature of science, the content you learn in one class will not only be covered in another, but your understanding will make you more successful as you continue learning science. An example of this would be the atomic nature of matter and basic chemistry. Every class I teach involves the topic, albeit at varying levels of intensity. This idea is a keystone of science (but not the ONLY keystone). This also requires that students retain a certain level of understanding from one class to the next. As such, certain grades are required as a prerequisite to some of the upper level courses.

In my classes, students will be asked to do many different things, such as: read from many different sources, write in several different formats, perform laboratory experiments and physical investigations while properly using laboratory equipment, respectfully listen to others ideas while presenting their own in a professional manner, participate in class discussions, and conduct themselves as the young adults they are.


I will steer students asking for advance makeup to the website in order to keep up with what they miss, rather than trying to catch up after they return. Handouts specific to classes will often be available on the website should a student need another copy.

Documents specific to each class (such as syllabi) will be available at the bottom of each page in the attachments section. If you do not have the programs to view these documents, clicking "view" rather than "download" should bring the document up through the Google Docs viewer.

Below is the lab safety contract which students and parents must sign and return. Students will not be given a second copy and will be directed to this page to print a replacement off.

Media Project

Each class has an ongoing media assignment. Students will be assigned to read and TYPE a one page synopsis (summary) or their thoughts on the article.

The point of this is to gain a better understanding of current events in science while giving me an idea of your thoughts, feelings, and concerns on the topic of your choice. As stated in the syllabus, do not take this page to explain the science to me. Rather, if you can see some use of this news that will help people everywhere, tell me. If you think this news could cause mass panic or overturn the economy, tell me that.

Lab Safety Contract