Mr. Kildow's Science Classroom

Virtual Learning Resources

Students will find this website useful as it provides explanations of topics covered in class. Many online resources and tutorials will be linked to provide students access to additional help. Also, many of the handouts distributed in class will be available for download under the appropriate headings. I will often post recaps of topics after they have been covered in class.

Parents will be able to use this website to stay up to date on what their children are doing in my classes. No longer will you have to accept "nothing" as the answer to "so what did you do in science today?" Many of the topics we cover address science misconceptions held by a significant number of people, regardless of age and/or education. Who may learn something new right alongside your child.

First Media Assignment Article

For next Tuesday, you need to read and reflect on this article. You will submit a typed 1 page document telling me what you learned and what you thought of the article. It should be in normal 12 point font, double spaced, etc, just like you would turn in for Mrs. Duffy. While there is no format for what you need to write, if you write one paragraph on what you learned and a second on your opinion/thoughts/questions, you will be doing well. You will not receive full credit if you simply "report" on the article. I want to know what you learned and what you are thinking after reading this.