Bulletin Board

Semester 1 Deadlines

Jan 14th - All - Last day for outstanding minor assessments

Jan 14th - Bio 11 - Last day for retests

Jan 15th - Bio 12 - Last day for retests

Jan 17th - All - Final Exam

Important Dates

Oct 29th - Bio 12 - Cell Membrane Test (second last item for Term 1)

Oct 30th - Bio 11 - Classification Test and Midterm exam (last items for Term 1)

Oct 31st - Last day for missing assignments (barring I-report)

Nov 5th - Bio 12 - Enzymes Test (last item for Term 1)

Nov 5th - Term 1 ends, I-reports issued to student

Nov 20th - Term 1 Report Card Available, I-reports emailed home

Nov 30th - I-report deadline

Progress Reports

Progress reports have been distributed during the week of Oct 8th. Students with a current standing of <55% were asked to discuss the report with their parents/guardians and to have the adult sign in acknowledgement of the conversation. Email contact will be made for students who did not complete that task. Updated marks can be found on this website for students that have completed the registration process

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  • Congrats to the Grad Class of 2018

Semester 2 Term 2 I-reports and deadlines - posted May 24th '18

  • Semester 2 Term 2 will end on June 20th.
  • Current standings can be viewed on the marks page for registered students.
  • Term 2 I-reports will be distributed during the week of May 28th, if not resolved by June 15th, the June 20th Final Exam will act as a supplemental.
  • For non I-report students, deadlines vary depending on the course
      • Biology 12
          • June 8th - Last day for outstanding assignments
          • June 14th - Last day for retests
      • Biology 11
          • June 8th - Last day for outstanding assignments (baring invertebrate mini projects)
          • June 11th - Last day for retests
      • Science 10
          • June 12th - Last day for outstanding assignments
          • June 15th - Last day for retests