In this course we will explore Canadian issues and it's impact globally, from the 1900's on. Furthermore, we are going to view this course through two very important lenses: technology and the economy.

How am I assessed?

Participation: 4% - Engagement in class discussion, activities, small assignments.

Debate: 5% - In term 2 we will engage in a formal debate.

Slideshow Project: 5% - In term 1 we will create a slideshow about one of the topics we've covered.

Chapter Questions: 26% - We are going to cover 13 chapters in 10 weeks. Each set of chapter questions will account for 2% of your final grade.

Midterm Essay: 15% - Due December 7th

Midterm Exam: 10% - Chapters 1-6. December 9th and 10th

Final Essay: 20% - Due January 18th

Final Exam: 15% - Chapters 1-13. January 26th