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Upcoming LTC/FID Classes

This month, there are two NRA Home Firearm Safety Courses being offered at MRGC. This is the course required to apply for and FID/LTC here in MA. To learn more, visit our Events page here!

Rifle and Pistol Committee Fundraiser Promo

The committee is doing a limited ticket drawing to win a brand new Ruger PC 9mm carbine rifle.

Only 50 tickets will be sold, and they are $20 a piece.

Act fast they are going quick.

All proceeds will go to the Rifle and Pistol Committee.

The rifle can be seen right now at Great Road firearms.

Contact Rifle and Pistol committee chairman Bud Parker at to get your tickets.

Drawing date will be announced when all tickets are sold.

Winner will be able to immediately pick up their new gun and you do not need to be present to win.

Good luck!


Last Saturday, 11 shooters gathered to participate in our monthly casual competitive shoot. This month, participants paired up at the firing line and competed to shoot down 5 empty cans then a final full can of of soda; which causes quite a pop! Everyone used a handgun of their choice with a maximum of ten shots. First shooter to finish all the cans ended the round. If the full can was not hit last or if multiple cans fell in one shot (i.g. a shot hitting the board), that shooter automatically got a zero for that round. The schedule was: three rounds of shooting for points to earn bye(s) for the upcoming rounds, three rounds of elimination, and a final round with all full plastic water bottles. Congrats to come-back winner Bud, who went home with a $50 gift card to Great Road Firearms in Stow, MA. See Pics and a short video of the event below!

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Range Rules

Rifle & Pistol Range Rules PDF Rifle & Pistol Range Rules Page

Important Information for Prospective New Members

Planning to join or recently joined MRGC? Click here to learn how to gain access to the basic R&P ranges! To access the action range, please see below.

Action Range

The action range is off limits to all members who have not qualified, this is separate from the basic range orientation. The qualification is separate from the general range orientation. To find out how to qualify, click here!

RP Mailing List

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Wall of SHAME!

We do not take pleasure in suspending our members from our ranges, but it is critical that the rules be followed! Deviating, even slightly, from the range rules puts yourself, your fellow members/guests, our community, and our club in general at risk. If you see someone breaking the rules or engaging in unsafe activities, contact us here ASAP. If you feel it is safe to do so, please politely identify the unsafe activity to the person. If you do not feel safe to do so or they refuse to correct the unsafe behavior; pack up your firearm and leave! Do not pick up your shell casings or take down your targets, transport yourself and your firearm in the safest way possible! Once in a safe location, contact us immediately here!

Currently Suspended Individuals

If you see any of these individuals on a range, please contact us!

no current suspensions !!

Anything else you need? Contact us here

The MRGC R&P Committee supports and welcomes all lawful second amendment enthusiasts and those who serve our communities

Here are some local businesses, organizations, and activists we think our members might be interested in learning more about!