Piano Tuning

Yes, I tune pianos!

I have tuned pianos large and small, plain and fancy, high performance and mediocre, in a number of performance venues, schools, churches, recording studios, piano stores, and private homes. I've worked on every major brand, and a great many minor brands you've never heard of! Chances are good that I've tuned or repaired a piano just like yours.

How does one tune a piano?

There is a certain amount of science and art involved. Essentially, each note on the piano is sounded by one or more strings that have to "sing" together to make a pleasant sound. The tuner uses a pitch reference (whether an old-fashioned tuning fork, or, an electronic device of some kind) to tune one of the strings to the mathematically correct pitch, and then, the tuner uses his skills, knowledge, and hearing abilities to tune the other strings to the first string. There is a certain amount of mechanical ability, scientific knowledge, and musical knowledge, all engaged simultaneously.

Can you tune MY piano??

The short answer is yes, probably! I am trying to focus primarily on grand and baby grand pianos at this point, due to a shoulder injury that was brought on by repetitive motion over the years of tuning upright pianos. I appreciate your understanding. I won't completely rule out an upright console piano, though , so if you have one of those, I'm happy to discuss it with you, and maybe we can make it work. Please ask! However, I am no longer tuning any tall (the top is approximately eye-level) saloon-type uprights, and, I am no longer tuning any spinet type upright pianos (there are a great many of these in the world, about waist high). It seems that the money that you might put into repairing or tuning a spinet piano would be better spent on replacing that spinet with a good quality digital piano. You will get much more enjoyment out of a digital than the old spinet, and, you won't have to tune it, either. :-)

Even if your piano hasn't been tuned in many years, or, if another tuner has said that your piano is untunable, sometimes I can still coax a little more life out of it.

Due to other commitments, I regret that I'm unable to keep a full time schedule of appointment times available. However, I can normally make an evening or weekend time work for you, so please feel free to contact me to chat about it.

Service Areas

I work from my home in Poquoson, which is right on the coast between Hampton and Yorktown. With that in mind, the service call fee is $125, flat rate (yes, the fee is an up-front quote... I hate surprises, too!), for anywhere in the following Peninsula cities and areas:

  • Hampton
  • Newport News
  • Williamsburg
  • Poquoson
  • York County
  • James City County

For the Southside and the northern outlying areas, the service call fee is $145, anywhere in the following cities and areas:

  • Norfolk
  • Portsmouth
  • Chesapeake
  • VA Beach
  • Smithfield
  • Suffolk
  • Toano
  • Norge
  • Gloucester County (as far north as the courthouse area)

I will also go beyond these areas on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me with your location, and I will quote you a rate.

What does the fee cover? It covers 1) travel time to and from the appointment; 2) the labor cost of the actual service work; 3) a 30 day warranty on the tuning, and 4) a one year warranty on repairs.

If I cannot tune your piano due to some extenuating circumstance, such as severe mechanical problems, severe rust, or structural issues, there will be a $40 fee assessed for the time and travel. Thanks for understanding.

A service call normally takes about an hour for a routine tuning and associated maintenance. If you have repair issues that go beyond tuning, please mention them when scheduling. To schedule an appointment, please book online at www.mrdoug.org/tuning . Thanks so much for your interest.