Music Lessons

Thanks for your interest my lesson program! I'm very humbled by the reputation that we gained at Peninsula Music of having the finest music studio on the Peninsula. Be advised that I am not accepting new students at this time. However, if you would like to be considered for a future placement, I would be happy to hear from you. This page describes my lesson program, and is very similar to the program that we offered at Peninsula Music.

Private Lessons

My Private Lessons are one-on-one, teacher and student. I also offer our exclusive Semi-Private Lessons, with two students (typically two siblings, or child and parent) with one teacher. I have found that the semi-private program is a great way for a parent and child to have a mutual activity that they can enjoy together, and are both at the same level of ability.

I offer lessons in the following areas of interest:


Includes kids piano, jazz piano, and classical study. Students are met at the level of their abilities, and we progress and proceed at the student's comfort level. In addition to our work in the studio, I use two different iPad apps (depending on the student) that allow me to make homework assignments and track your progress when you're away from the studio. Advanced students will learn how to read chord charts, improvise over a chord progression, and play solos with an accompaniment.

Bass Guitar

I am well-versed in rock, blues, jazz, country and gospel styles. In addition, I read standard music notation, as well as the Nashville Number System, and can help you learn to read, as well. You will also learn music theory, and how to apply your knowledge to chord construction and harmony.


I have stopped taking new private guitar students, due to the time commitment required for that particular instrument, lesson prep, etc. Going forward, I am referring all new guitar students to Mr. Joel Arcieri. Joel is one of the worship leaders at Coastal Community Church in Yorktown, and he teaches right at the church in the Kiln Creek area. For rates and availability, please call or text him directly at 757-641-5791.

All students enrolled in private or semi-private lessons have many performance opportunities, both for studio recording as well as streaming internet shows.

Online Lessons

With the advent of fast computers, streaming video and audio, and high speed internet available everywhere to everyone, I started offering online lessons about two years ago. The results have been very positive. We schedule a regular lesson block, and you place a Skype video call to me at the appointed time. The lesson is structured just like a regular studio lesson. I have three cameras in my studio, and I can change views as needed (for example, I have an overhead shot so you can see my hands playing the piano). You will need two devices: a computer, tablet, or phone with a webcam (which is basically almost any of them made since about 2012) and high speed internet, and the Skype app installed. You will also need another device to connect to our lesson software. Online lessons break down the barriers and inconvenience of travel, and you can remain in the security of your own home or office for your lesson. Please feel free to contact me for more information on this great opportunity!

Group Lessons

Worship Guitar

I offer a fun and satisfying group session for adults and teens that are interested in leading worship for their church, student ministry, or in a small group environment. We use contemporary worship materials and methods so you will be well prepared for whatever ministry avenue you pursue.

Worship Keyboard

This is a great workshop for the pianist with some playing experience who would like to venture beyond playing with written music, and would like to join their church worship team as a keyboardist. We use contemporary materials and methods in this class, as well.

Recording Techniques

This class is designed for the novice recording artist who would like to use computer based recording techniques to capture their own music at home. We will study and use Acoustica Mixcraft as our recording platform. Students will learn to record and edit audio, record and edit MIDI, apply effects, mix and master a finished product. The class is very hands on and all participants will get experience with all aspects of the process.