Mr. Challand's Class Pages

​Welcome to my class. You will find links at the top for each specific class. Please feel free to contact me at anytime through email by clicking on the button above.

Here, I will interact with students and parents throughout the school year. You will find information that will be helpful for students to succeed in my classes including assignments, important information, and study materials.

I must stress that in order to ensure the learning environment is set for all students to do well, there are a set of rules that I must enforce. Failure of students to abide by these rules will result in consequences including parent/guardian contact up to disciplinary referral.

​Class Rules and Procedures

​These are business and marketing classes. I expect all students to maintain a business-like attitude. What does that mean?

•No obscene or racial slang or terms.

•We write and talk in a manner that does not offend others.

•We encourage each other and show respect, even when someone is wrong.

•We don't disrupt the class by excessive talking or by any other means.

•These classes REQUIRE participation to pass. Each day, I will expect you to ask questions of me and I will ask questions of you.

•There are no dumb questions, so show respect to those asking.

•The classroom is a Hoodie, Headphone, Harassment Free Zone! This means headphones off and hoodies down in class. (this is a school policy)

• All electronics including phones and music players are prohibited in the classroom. If you have an emergency and need to make a call, I will provide you with a pass to use the phone in the front office.

•No food or drinks are allowed except clear water in a sealed container.