Custom Home Builders in Orange County CA

We help homeowners make practical, functional and cost-effective additions to their homes. And we do it with an approach rooted in trust, dependability and reliability. Serving Orange County.

Home additions can be some of the most demanding, most grueling building projects a homeowner is likely to take on. This means there are lots of practical considerations that must come into play. The right people delicately maneuvered into the right place – that’s the only way to ensure high-quality finished work. Our Luxury Custom Home Builders in Orange County CA contractors understands the nuances of such projects very well and this is why we commit nothing but our best project managers to home additions. Each project gets its own dedicated project manager.

Trust your next home addition to our room addition contractors, and you tap into decades of general contracting experience. This translates into real knowledge and application that ensures your addition complies fully with local building codes. You also tap into a vast and trusted network of product suppliers, engineers and architects, all bringing something to bear upon the successful completion of even your most ambitious project.

Custom Home Builders in Orange County CA


Finding a general contractor who's trustworthy, honest and gets the job done is much harder than it seems. There are builders out there still misquoting, botching projects, using sub-standard workers and materials, and delivering projects way over budget.

Our understanding of those pitfalls is a big part of our commitment to delivering exceptional services. With our room addition projects, we promise to build your trust first. Family owned & operated since 1979, we see our business as person-to-person, rather than business to customer. You come first, always.

When it comes to construction, one of the biggest pains is obtaining the proper licensing and permits. This tedious work can often slow down the project and create headaches if you don't do it correctly. With professional contractors, you don't have to worry. Our contractors take care of all the proper permits to ensure your project meets all applicable city, county or government building codes.

If you've spent too many hours trying to find quality work for competitive pricing, look no further, as you’ve landed on the best Los Angeles and Orange County home remodeling contractors. We can't wait to hear about your project. Learn how we can help.

Luxury Home Builders in Orange County CA
Luxury Custom House Builders in Orange County CA
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