Brooklyn's Ossimer

Once upon a time there was a small green creature that looked like a ball that had arms and legs. His name was Mike. Mike was about two feet tall and only had one eye. He does not look like anything like a human or animal but rather a monster. Mike speaks English by using his mouth and has a very loud voice. He lives with his best friend inside children’s closets. Mike has magical powers that let him disappear into other closets every night. Even though Mike lives in the closets of children he is very afraid of them. Mike loves to eat garbage and his favorite is cardboard boxes. Mike’s favorite thing to do is scare children and then he disappears to the next childs room.

Cooper's Ossimer

There was a yeet it looked a little like a wolf and rabbit it does not look like a human . The yeet was black with blue dots. It's 2ft. tall. It speaks english and talks out of its mouth. The yeet has super powers like super strength, teleportation, invisible, and it can change its size. It eats objects that you throw. The yeet is scared of a gun. They live in North Dakota. It lives alone. It likes to throw objects for fun. Its name is yeet.

Elizabeth's Ossimer

Hello my name katy and this is my story. I was going for a walk and I heard something in

The bush beside me then out of nowhere this thing started chasing me down the block then it ran away but I managed to take a quick picture. I sent it to Elizabeth Meier and she said that it was a Turkey racter not a raptor or a rector and then she told me everything.

They have a turkey head they do not look like a human,they are 9 1/2 feet tall , color gray,they speak guac, through their mouth,they have many super powers like mind reading,super hearing and can see up to 2,000 miles away. They eat fungi, human eye bowls and ears.they're afraid of lamas. Live in NORTH DAKOTA,they live in pods and kill animals for fun.The next morning I got kidnaped by something and was in heaven.

Emily's Ossimer

Hi my name is Safari Joe and today I’m going to tell you some things about the Fruikytong. The Fruikytongs look like watermelon but they don’t look like a human at all. I just love the color on this animal. It's yellow with a sparkle of red it's just so pretty ok onto the next fact they are 1ft.tall and breath throw their ears . The Fruikytong has the power to shoot paralyzing juice at a predator but if it's not a predator it heals the animal or human from any sickness or broken or bleed and don't worry if we run out of Fruikytongs they have 900 siblings per sec. But they do die from water . They eat monkey snot and wart hog spit their favorite food . I’m in Africa where the Fruikytong live and they rarely live in zoos. The Fruikytongs live alone by themselves. For fun it chases bugs My name is Safari Joe and have a nice day.

Eva's Ossimer

My creature looks like a dog. It's face is a human face and he is tan. It is very short and barks. It speaks through its ear. It eats through its nose. He eats meat. He is afraid of snakes. He lives in Nebraska. He lives alone. He likes to ride horses and wears clothes. My creature's name is Billy Bob.

Ian's Ossimer

1) The creature looks like a dragon with gazelle-like horns,it has wings, it has rocks on his back, and has a crystal on his for-head giving him is power

2) It does not look human

3) It is a blood red color

4) It is 15 feet tall and 25 feet long

5) It can not talk.

6) It concentrates hard to make you know what he is thinking.

7) It is not weak to anything except a concentrated diamond laser.

8) It eats almost anything in its path.Its favorite food is Obsid Chips.(Especially jalapeno flavored)

9) It’s afraid of nothing.

10) It lives in a huge volcano surrounded by its minions?

11)Alone, his minions are for warding of intruders.

12) For fun it sets villages on fire.

13) Its name is Afrodagon

Jayce's Ossimer

The animal does not look like other animals. It does not at all look human. It is blue. it is 45ft.tall it speaks a language no one understands.It speaks with Its eyes .It has a super strength. It eats humans.humans are his favorite food.It is not afraid of nothing.It lives in North Carolina,South Carolina ,Texas Montana ,Washington, Oklahoma, Chicago ,North Dakota , New York, California, Mississippi, and Florida USA . It lives alone.It likes to eat and scare people for fun. It's name is Blorg.

Mikkel's Ossimer

It does not look like other animals; it has deer legs, shark teeth, gorilla arms, falcon wings, alien head, owl neck, a fish tail, and a giraffe body. Yes it has a human head. Tan, white, black, grey, blue, and peach. Seven ft. eleven. All languages, it can even speak animal. Through the mouth. It can jump high, swim fast, pick up heavy things, and climb trees. Meat, and its favorite food is human. It is afraid of nothing. In the forest. It lives alone. Climb and jump from tree to tree. It is called the Hoozer-What's-It.

Karlee's Ossimer

This is my creature

1.My creature is a dog with five lags.

2.Yes the dog arms are human.

3.The color of the dog is red.

4.The dog is six feet tall.

5.The dog speaks spanish.

6.The dog speaks through its mouth .

7.The dog's power is flying.

8.The dog eats macarons and her

favorite food is mac & cheese.

9.The dog is afraid of cats.

10.The dog lives in a cave

11.The dog lives alone.

12.The dog plays board games.

13.My creature name is Alis

My creature Alisa has five legs and its arms are human. She also likes to play board games and eat macarons. She

loves to fly and you can catch her in the caves. I hope you like my creepy cool creature!

Sage's Ossimer

You are walking in a very dark jungle when you come upon a cave. Inside of the cave there is a monster that looks like nothing you ever laid eyes on. It is 50 feet tall and it’s ears are the only thing that are human. The monster’s fur is a very bright pink. You were surprised to hear it speak French through its nose. Then it shot lasers at you through its eyes!The monster ate your pal, who had no weapons but, you had a torch and the monster hates torches. The monster lives in a cave near an amazon village. The people and the monster get along because the people all have weapons. You learned that it eats people without weapons-for fun- every day. The name of the monster is GOUL, meaning ugly beast.

Aiden's Ossimer

The Flying lab is a mix of a lab and an alicorn. It has a horn on its head and can make magic. It has small talons and is a good pet.

It can be any brown black or yellow.they can grow up to 3.5 feet and rarely grows to the height of a man.It can speak dog and alicorn throw the mouth and also dog sign language.it has a magical horn but humans can deactivate it every two weeks ps you should prodley have a hut so those two weeks are not bad and you should let it fly or run around ween the horn is activated.it is an omnivore and should eat what you eat.it live were humans live and live with humans if they deactivate the horn if you don't do that it should run and fly around.it likes to play like dogs and like to cuddle and role in things and they love to live with humans.I have one named bella she is a brown one and has a lot of energy.

Tevin's Ossimer

There lived a killer human.It looks like an Alien .It can change its colour.They are as small as insects but nobody has ever seen them except from me.Killer Humans are smarter than Humans.They speak whatever language it hears any human speak.They can move things with their minds.Their favorite food are spiders. They are not afraid of anything. Killer Humans live in the streets. They live their lives alone. They like to eat clothes for fun.Killer humans are also known as earth aliens.

Shayli's Ossimer

My creature is part elephant and part giraffe. I call it an Elaraffe! It has a really long neck and it’s 10 feet tall. It lives with me in my house but it has to duck unless it sits down cause it’s so tall! It’s gray, tan, and brown. It speaks english. It doesn't look like a human. It can speak through its mouth and it’s stomach. It can fly, dance fight, and can turn invisible so no one can see him.He eats anything but his favorite is spaghetti. The Elaraffe is scared of donuts! My creature likes to jump rope. My creature's name is Ralph.

Dallas's Ossimer

Onse upon a time. Their was a skatebording T-rex who lived on the moon. He wondered what would earth look like. So he built a rocket et scate borke. He built a huge ramp. It took a month to build it. His name is Dave. He picked up speep by rideing off his roof. When he got they got them he ate all the corn dogs. The end.

Braydon's Ossimer

Once upon a time there was a mystical creature it doesn’t look like other animals and no part of it looks like human its a green fured cat its only 2.3 feet high it speaks in a meow high pitched to it speaks through its mouth and it has the abillity to lift sand up with its cat mind and control the warmth of the sand and water. It can also make anything out of sand like someone hunting him. He can make a sand wall and it works just like its shaped. It eats human food, its favorite food is hotdogs and its afraid of absolutely nothing. It lives on the beach , and it also lives alone and it likes to drink water and its named a beach cat.

Eddie's Ossimer

  1. My creature is not like other animals.
  2. No, none of his body parts look like humanes.
  3. The color of his skin is green and red.
  4. He is 5 feet tall.
  5. He speaks english.
  6. He speaks english through his mouth.
  7. His special powers are acid spit and it can melt anything.
  8. He eats people. His favorite food is human flesh.
  9. The Egg Ludont is not afraid of anything.
  10. His lives in the USA!!!
  11. He lives with a girl monster and they have 10 children.
  12. Juggle people in the air and when they die he eats them.
  13. His name is EGG LUDONT.

There is a creature called the EGG LUDONT!! The creature was mean and fierce. It was scary because he ate people so everyone ran when they saw him because he would eat them right up!! He was seven feet tall and the color of his skin was green and red. He is not like creatures but he's arms are like humans. His favorite food was human flash. The Egg Ludont was not scared of anything. He lived with a girl monster and they have ten children. He juggles people in the air when they die he eats them. He lives in the USA !! His superpower is acid spit. It can melt anything.