Marcel Ramos, MPH

Quantitative Assistance

Quantitative assistance includes but is not limited to:

  • R / SAS / SPSS help

    • recoding / reference categories

    • programming

    • looping / macros

  • Model building / hypothesis testing

    • regressions (linear, logistic, Poisson, etc.)

  • Exploratory Data Analysis (plotting)

  • EPI/BIOS concepts in practice

    • results tables

    • interpretation basics

    • statistical tests

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  • Weekdays

Virtual Locations

  1. Zoom

  2. Google Meet

Contact Information

SPH email:


  • Due to the pandemic, sessions will be held online until further notice.

The Fine Print

  • When scheduling an appointment, please make sure you can make it. Email me well in advance if you are unable to make it to your appointment (at least 24 hours prior).

  • Unjustified no-shows and students who cancel last-minute, will not be accommodated except for documented extenuating circumstances such as medical and/or family emergencies.

  • Keep in mind there are a limited number appointments per day. Any absence not only hurts the absentee but also other students who need assistance.

  • Appointments are restricted to 30 minutes per day per student unless there are special circumstances where a full hour is needed. This must be justified in writing via email after creating two appointments within the same day. Otherwise, I reserve the right to cancel either of the two appointments.

  • Be prepared with specific questions and ready to go over course material that you have already reviewed.

    • For example: "How do I run an independent samples t-test in SPSS?", "What is the difference between non-parametric and parametric tests?", or "How do I code my outcome variable to run a logistic regression in SAS?".

    • Please review the textbook for textbook-specific questions.

  • It is easier to help a student who is familiar with the material and needs a bit of extra help.

  • Important: Make sure you have the necessary software and/or accounts to access computers in the lab on the 7th floor of CUNY SPH.

  • DO NOT seek guidance on material concerning specific quizzes, assignments, or tests. Those are to be done independent of my assistance. We can, however review the material relevant to those questions for ongoing assignments and/or to review quiz or test results.