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Newest Edition of the Scholars Scratchpad - Read and Enjoy Their Efforts

March 17-24

(Think Shark Week but with Wine, and No Sharks)

April 1st - 11 am start

(Secure, Safe, and Tax Deductible)

Also, if you would like to sponsor a student who makes the hike, you can follow the link to a secure fundraising company (founded by a friend from college) called Orange Ruler which enables people to raise money (safe) without knocking on doors (unsafe). You can send the link to aunts, grandmas, and anyone else who wants to support TRHS, and they get all the tax forms to write off their donation in a safe and secure fashion.

CAASPP State Testing

If you follow the link above, you can practice the test format and what they are asking of your student when they take the test starting in April.

TRHS School Yard Sale

March 30th

8 am - 1 pm

One Mans Trash is Another Mans Treasure Day at TRHS

TRHS Yard Sale

Gather Your Treasures but Please Don't Drop Off Until the March 29th

Milk Containers for Ms. Sarah

Bring in your clean, slightly used milk containers for an upcoming science extravaganza. There will be a bin to collect them all by the entrance of the school