Interesting Links to Learning Sites

(most recent on top, but they are all good)

Moxie Box Art Lessons - Monthly Art Lessons Delivered to Your Door

Nevada County Office of Education Links - Grade level specific distance learning learning techniques, links, and advice for everyone who wants to learn

Every Kid Votes - Studies Weekly puts out lesson plans regarding Social Studies, democracy, and our voting process

EPIC Learning - Thousand of age appropriate books, read-to-me audio books, and other home school resources for all ages

Kids That Code - A unique programs in which your child will be introduced to computer programming, game development, website creation, and electronics.

Kids Health in the Classroom - A standards based Health Curriculum - Learning about the body, reproductive systems, and human growth

Christine Elder - Live sketching classes with focus on Scientific Illustrations - Super Skilled

Headsprout - A great free resource for early reading practice Kids That Code offers unique programs in which your child will be introduced to computer programming, game development, website creation, electronics, and much more

Ted Ed is a learning platform that takes any YouTube video and makes it educational - Very Interesting

Ted Talks - The best and brightest, from all around the world, speaking truth to power and spreading knowledge is an online knowledge challenge that you can keeps score and creates a truly fun learning experience

Quizlet is a wonderful system of learning by using flash cards and games that will even create tests for free. Look up the 20 sets I made by searching for 'nicehillis' if you are wanting to learn about middle school Social Studies

KHAN Academy - A Place to Learn - They will even create schedules of subjects to keep your kids on track.

Interesting and Inspiring videos from my last school experience in Hillsboro, Oregon as middle school teacher

Crash Course History - A interesting and informative look at history from author John Green

ReadWorks - A standards based compilation of stories, essays, and literature with built in vocab support, question sets, and reflection questions for every learning level

MEL Science Academy - Free Access for Next 3 Months! - Home based Science experiments for all ages - Easy sign up process and high quality content

Prodigy Math Game - Free Access - Math standard based games for 1st - 8th graders

Gold Country Kuk Sool Won Online Registration Information - Home Based Study

Visually Spreading Germs Video on You Tube

Duolingo and Rosetta Stone - Free resource to learn a new language

Mr. Steve Ted-Ed Picks and Other Favorites

The Corona Virus Explained - Ted -Ed video with questions

The History of Corn - Ted-Ed video with questions

Hidden Brain - Emotional Currency: How Money Shapes Human Relationships link

How Soap Kills Viruses - Ted-Ed video and questions

Vultures - Why Vultures are needed to protect natural habitat (video, questions)

The Imaginary King Who Changed the Real World - Ted-Ed video and questions

The Accident That Changed the World - Ted-Ed video and questions

Meet the Microscopic Life in Your Home, and On Your Face - Ted-Ed video and questions

The Myth of the Minotaur - Ted-Ed video and questions

Kids for Peace link - Great Ideas on how You can change Your World today

Ted-Ed newsletter sign up with activities for any age delivered daily to your home

Virtual Museums Tour - Tour the most famous museums in the world while wearing your pajamas

Exploratorium Museum - Investigate what this great museum has to offer online

Writing Topics for 5-8th Graders

Talent or Motivation - Which is more valuable? (sentence frames and example essay included)

Your First Trip - Explain what your first trip was and why you remembered it (example essay/sent. frames included)

Who is Your Hero? - Write about a historic hero and a modern hero - (sentence frames and example essay included)

Your Butterfly Effect - How 1 small thing can change the course of history (video, questions, examples)

Recycled Story - Using facts from history, create a story in a pattern (video link here, instructions, and lined paper)

The Greatest Chain Ever Invented - Detail an idea or invention that changed life - (example essay, sentence frames)

Race, Change, and the New Normal - Treating people differently because of how they look (Ted-Ed video, questions)

My Bucket List - Thinking about what is really important in Life before it is too late (sentence frames, examples)

Something I Have Grown - (Fertile Crescent Vocab too) - A writing about a garden that I started in my school

The 3 A's of Awesome - A great story about being grateful for what you have (video link, sentence frames, ex. essay)

Compassion - What does it mean to be compassionate in this new World? (questions, ex. essay, sentence frames)

Early Hominid Acrostic Poem - Khan Academy video regarding evolution

Create Your Own Myth - A guide to create your very own myth (guiding questions, sentence frames)

What Is Your Potential? - A chance to express what you think your Potential is in this world

Opportunity - What is an opportunity except a chance to learn. (sentence frames, example essay)

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