with Mr. Spinelli

This is where you will find all class information! If you don't find what you need, come see me or send me an email!

Please be sure to also reference Google classroom (see below)!

Important Information

Google Classroom Codes

  • Geometry Essentials
    • 1st Hour: wiu2e6
    • 3rd Hour: zgmbqc
    • 7th Hour: 5cpcpw9
  • Algebra 1
    • 4th Hour: br0z6w
    • 8th Hour: 5gdqemm


My Schedule

  1. Geometry Essentials
  2. Plan
  3. Geometry Essentials
  4. Algebra 1
  5. Advisory / Team Time
  6. Lunch
  7. Geometry Essentials
  8. Algebra 1

I am typically available to help students in Room 263/265 before school except on Wednesdays. Students may also arrange time to meet with me.

Contact Information

Phone Number 630-375-3300 x 4105

Building Wide Academic Integrity Statement

"We believe in an atmosphere that respects academic integrity, where learning and self-worth is reflective of genuine and honest work, and individual perseverance. And that, together, we -- the students, parents/guardians, and teachers -- are accountable for aligning our school and classroom with the expectations of these academic values."